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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Did We Say Unity Through Diversity?!

YES WE DID!  Unity through diversity is the founding principal of the Knights of Creativity, Spirit and Ale.  It's also the founding principal of the UNITED States of America.  

What is happening to this great nation of ours???!!!  I know...the Silent Majority has lost it's tongue (we haven't posted in almost 3 years!)...while the crazy book ends of society continue to squeeze rational thought out of the library!

We are a nation of immigrants...worthless minions...who gathered on these shores to build a nation on ideals...not on wealth or family privileges...and certainly not on exclusion.  Sure, we've screwed abusing the true Native Americans...bringing Africans as slaves...persecuting the next wave of immigrants like the Irish, the Poles, the....BUT...through our Diversity we have woven a strong and vibrant society that is the envy of the world.  Well, it use to be before Trump.  Speaking of Trump...what the hell happened to Reagan's Republican Party???!!! 

We went from Tear Down That Wall to Build That Wall in only three generations.  Of course when the Reagan Republicans held the White House they embraced the friendship of the opposing party and actually listened to input from Democrats, like Tip O'Neill. 

Tip: "Well Ronnie, let's make a deal."  Ronald:  "Well Tip, only if we do it over a couple of beers my friend!"  Trump's White House is like walking into Hitler's Bunker with the Russians outside the door in 1945!  Look at the history of Walls:  

The Great Wall of China, which will still to this day dwarf Trump's Wall, and was built to keep out the Mongols.  DIDN'T WORK!

Hadrian's Wall, built by the Romans in Northern England to keep out the Celts.  DIDN'T WORK!

The Berlin Wall, built by the Communist to actually keep people in.  DIDN'T WORK!

TRUMP'S WALL:  Tired of the history lesson, if you still know how to read...WON'T WORK!

No, what is needed now more than ever is the courage to speak up and tell the truth.  The courage to call things as they really are.  Like Terrorism for example.  The Middle East is all about oil and money, held hostage by the greedy and self-righteous fundamentally religious on both sides.  While true terrorism continues to happen in our Continent with mass shootings, gang wars, etc.

What is the difference between a Jihadi and a Mexican Gangster?  The Jihadi blows himself up along with you...the Gangster kills you, cuts you up and cooks you on the stove.  

A wall is not the answer.  Imagine if we diverted our military efforts to assist the Mexicans in bringing their country back to sanity, while at the same time healing our own wounds.  Use money for a wall to educate and advance a unified American that's strength.  Are we brave enough...and smart enough for this challenge?  I am!

Sir Hook "the Diverse" of Warrick