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Friday, April 30, 2010


Today we meditate on the first Tenant of being a Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale....THINKING!

"I am, therefore, I am, I think?"
-Moody Blues

“When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,other things become bad.”
~Lao Tzu

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
-Hamlet, via Shakespeare (maybe?! lol)

What do you think?

Sir Hook the Thunker of Warrick

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sir Ryan of Warrick Turns 21!

Sir Ryan with friend, Private Jason Brunck, who is currently in Iraq

In the spirit of the past theme of Springtime Birthday' my son, Sir Ryan of Warrick, turns 21. Finally he can legally drink, after earning the right to drive, vote and serve his country!

Captain Morgan on Deck

Our card to him today stated, "Here's to all the things you couldn't do...or shouldn't have done already!" Sir Ryan loves to go cruising with the family, and we took him on a cruise before his enlistment, where in the Islands he could drink legally.

Sir Ryan, Sir Hook and Lady Maegan in Jamaica

And in the land that connected their parents, Jamaica, we enjoyed Red Stripes together.

Sir Ryan, a real Knight...and a real Private Ryan...Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment.

Post Army, Sir Ryan has landed an excellent career with Action Pest Control were he now terminates termites instead of Taliban fighters!

So join this proud papa, as we welcome our fellow Knight of KMSA for a legal round of Fish Bowls this evening at Knob Hill Tavern.


Sir Hook the Warrior's Father of Warrick

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Springtime birthdays abound

Wishing a Happy Birthday to a special knight:

Sir Lance of Brentwood is "50something" today

Celebrations should commence!

Lady Suzzzzz,

who has another brother with an April birthday...
one who doesn't use this new-fangled computer much...a potential knight?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar Day!

Today is Sir Bowie of Greenbriar Day! The birthday of one of our illustrious and pioneering Founding Father's. Sir Bowie thought he had escaped this particular birthday by banishing himself to the woods, as is his habit from time to time.

However, we could not let the milestone of 50 years go by without some type of celebration! So, Sir William of Keglers and myself, along with Lady Suzanne planned to nab him unawares after their bowling league tonight in the legendary attached bar...Legends!

Above is one of Sir Bowie's pictures when he and this errant knight were co-stars of a local "B" Movie television show called "Midnight Movie King". This is where Doctor D. Bowie Kuhn would do his Rod Serling impression and my character, Dr. Meathook, would come to life.

As Dr. Meathook (now you know only part of the Hook story)...I had the distinct unfortunate opportunity to eat green slime and various other items of horrific flare created in our laboratory of fun! Sir Bowie loves all things particular pickled eggs. So, Dr. Meathook fired up his kitchen and concocted a new recipe in honor of the KMSA Founding Father.

Above is the label to be placed on Sir Bowie's present. I feel sorry for the Heretics tonight!

To cap off this fine evening, we are honoring fellow Knight and Legends owner, Sir William of Keglers , with Evansville's second Sacred Watering Hole charter!

Should be a fun filled evening. Only those who will be attending at exactly the time this is posted will know for sure!

Happy 5oth...David Kuhn, D. Bowie Kuhn, Kuhnie, Kuhn Dog, Bowie and Sir Bowie of Greenbriar!

Sir Hook the Hot Hen Pub Pickle Eggs Cook of Warrick

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Part 2 - Mystic Journey to the Land of Moors...and Knights of the Templar!

As mentioned in my earlier blog this week....Lady Traci and I had the great fortune during our visit to Spain to be taken by her daughter Lady Brittany and her gallant Spanish knight Sir Roberto of Murcia to the beautiful and medieval city of Granada. Granada is set in the southern highlands of Spain, nestled against the foot of the Sierra Mountains.

Sitting high about the city is a fabulous fortress called The Alhambra (in the background behind Lady Traci and myself ). The Alhambra is the lasting symbol of the Nasrid kingdom which ruled over Granada and the last symbol of of Muslim power in the Iberian Peninsula we now call Spain today. The Alhambra was built and rebuilt as a series of castles and fortresses by the Moors from the 700-800 AD period until 1232 AD when Muhammad ibn Yusf ibn Nasr took power as the Sultan and made the Alhambra into his private palace and source of power. The Moors ruled Granada (23 sultans in all) for over 254 years until the Christian armies drove them out.

The Christians retook the Alhambra (without a fight I might add!) in 1492 and continued to add structures on the mountain top. Today...the site hosts over 6 million visitors a year....and Lady Brittany informed us you have to make reservations for your visit weeks in advance if you hope to gain access to the site on the day you desire!!

We loved walking through all the courtyards.....castles.....and gorgeous artwork that adorned the walls all around the Alhambra. There are acres of beautiful, well-kept gardens and fountains and pools throughout the site. It also helped that the day we visited was a beautiful sunny 22 deg C!

At days end.....Sir Roberto wanted to take us for a real treat: to a tavern that had a Knights of the Templar theme (as the Knights flourished in this area of Spain during the 12th and 13th centuries. We soon found ourselves in the El Antiquidor....and also available to a vast array of brews from around the world. Sir Richard thought...."Surely this must be a view of heaven!"

Lady Traci also took control of the camera....and made her way around the tavern to get THIS view of the Knights of the Round Table of Granada.....Legend has it that the Knights would draw lots....for who had to go out and bring in the last keg of the night.....and who also picked up the check....

Sir Roberto and I had a duel of tapas plates that night at El Antiquidor...and I was finally able to get Sir Roberto to yield to that 6th plate of fancy toasted tuna sandwiches. Sir Richard lost track of how many Alhambra Negrils (remember...Alhambra beer is brewed in Granada!) and Guinness he had that night. Good thing we had our lovely Ladys with us to guide us back to the Hotel Carmen that evening.

Sir Richard, Lady Traci, Sir Roberto and Lady Brittany had a wonderful two and half days visiting Granada during our visit to Spain. This Knight would HIGHLY advise you plan a visit to Granada if you are planning a future visit to southern Spain....and the ancient land once roamed by Moorish warriors and gallant Knights of the Templar.

Its quite interesting to note....that history of this area shows.....that the Moors pre-1200AD were fairly tolerant of other religions and nationalities in this region. It was the Christians in the late 1400s who decided it was time to put all of Spain under Christian rule....and they took control of southern Spain and drove the Moors back across the straits of Gibraltor. There are still many remnants of the Moors influence in southern Spain...and none more so than in Granada.

Lady Traci and I do hope to make another visit to Spain in the future.....and we also hope to visit some other cities (ie; Seville, Cordoba) we did not get to this trip. Adios!!!

Sir Richard Lionheart.....who left his heart in Granada!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sir Hook Does the Hanky Panky!

As a follow up to Sir D's excellent post on the Oxford Folk Fest and Morris Dancing...and in celebration of St. George's Day...I give you...

KMSA Date: July 10, 2009...Sir Hook does the Hanky Panky with the Scholars & Gentlemen Morris Dancers outside the Bear Pub in Oxford!

Earlier in the day we ran across a few of these Merry Morris Men who mentioned that they would be dancing later that evening. They are called Scholars & Gentlemen because half of them are professors at Oxford Universities and the other half are...well..gentlemen, for a lack of a better word! lol

After being introduced to Morris Dancing a year early in one of Sir D's excellent and informative blogs...we had to check it out.

While on our way to Magdelen Arms to catch the rock band, Red Ox, we came across the Morris Men outside the Bear Pub. First, we Endeavored to Engage with beers and conversation...which led to filming them...which led to Sir Hook waving his Hanky with great enthusiasm as part of the Morris Men through the streets of Oxford. Sadly, there is no footage of the Hooky Hanky Panky, but this little shuffle with a rather handsome female still tells the tale!

As we bid our farewells, the Scholars & Gentlemen told me that I was a "natural" Morris Man and should explore joining a group in the States. I prefer to save the experience for a return trip to Oxford some day.

Remember, you can Dance if you want too! It's all part of Thinking...Drinking...and Being Merry!

Sir Hook the Scholar & Gentleman Hanky Panky Morris Man of Warrick

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lucky 7-Eleven

ABC's Russell Goldman reports today, "For those times a Slurpee and Slim Jim just won't take the edge off, 7-Eleven customers will soon be able to partake of more adult offerings when the convenience store chain begins selling Game Day, a budget private-label beer."

Yes, it seems that 7-Eleven has launched its Own, Private-Label Beer: Game Day!

Sold in Lite and (the higher-alcohol-content) Ice varieties, Game Day will be sold in both 12 and 24 oz. cans and retail for $6.99 to $8.99 for a 12-pack, and $1.49 and $1.89 for a single.

Cans of Game Day Ice and Game Day Light, two new beers offered by 7-Eleven, are shown in a cooler Monday, April 19, 2010, at a 7-Eleven store in Kent, Wash. 7-Eleven, home of countless beer runs, is getting into the business itself with Game Day, a store-brand lager. (Ted S. Warren/AP Photo)

"American beer drinkers are seeking great-tasting beer at an affordable price," said Dan Skinner, 7-Eleven's category manager for alcohol beverages in a statement. "Even more so in this tough economy, they're looking for value and ways to make their dollar go further. Game Day satisfied two of a beer drinker's interests by offering a premium lager beer at a below-premium price."

Hmmmm? Wonder what the definition os "premium lager" is?

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well and Truly Plucked

"If I was a guitar i'd be well and truly plucked" sang the hearty Folk singer.. at 2am in the morning, in an over- full Irish pub on Magdalen Bridge in Oxford. He was surrounded, nay, crushed in the noisy bar by drinkers and fiddlers and accordian players, flute players and a girl even pushed into the throng with a full stand up double bass, joining in with everyone else with the raucous jam, her notes putting ripples on our dark beers.

It was Saturday and still another day to go with the annual Oxford Folk Festival. The poster above says all i managed to survive, but the reason i thought i'd bring this to the KMSA is because the sunny day in the city had born witness to an influx of Morris dancers from all over the country, to a place which is actually the Mecca of Morris dancing.

I've written blogs about Morris Dancing before on this site... But this update comes a few months after the Founding Fathers and their Femmes, visited in July and they too got the chance to actually see and join in with a troupe of the Oxford City Morris dancers.

Indeed, my memory seems to tell me that Lady Aileen took some Video Footage of Hooky strutting his stuff and waving his hanky with them..and I've been waitng , hoping that it might actually show up on the blog. (?)

For those new to us, here is a resume of what Morris dancing is about from the City Dancers website.

The Morris - An Explanation

Oxford City Morris Men perform traditional “Cotswold” Morris Dances collected from villages in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

Morris dancing is a custom with ancient origins. Many people believing that it is descended from pagan spring and summer fertility rituals or “good luck” ceremonies. Some of the dances we do today still reflect the origins of these ancient ceremonies, with their apparent emphasis on rebirth at May time, the seeking of good health for the crops and animals, and the hoped for guarantee of continuing fertility for all. What is certain is that morris dancers have been performing in the City of Oxford since the 15th century.

The dances survived in the Cotswold region long after they had ceased to be popular elsewhere. Even here the custom almost died out at the end of the 19th century, but for the efforts of folk dance enthusiasts who began to collect the dances. Oxford played an important part in this revival, as the first serious collecting of these dances was carried out by Cecil Sharp in Headington Quarry, in Oxford ) after he had seen morris men perform on Boxing Day 1899.

Oxford Morris Men were founded in 1938 and were formed to compensate for the temporary demise of other Oxford sides at that time. The Oxford costume - red and blue ribbons, white clothing and traditional bell pads is based on that worn by the Headington Quarry Morris dancers at the time. Since 1959 we have had the privilege of wearing the City of Oxford crest on our baldrics - thus becoming.

Each team has its history and they stick rigidly to the clothing they choose for themselves. the tradition clothing is the white romper suit style with bells on red leather strapping is the common style but many teams from in the north dress in black and black up their faces in what was the original Moorish ( hence Morris ) theme.

So there you have it. The pictures I have shown you here, I took in the town during the day, when i counted upwards of twenty different bands of dancers all performing to big crowds on plazas and squares under the shadows of the ancient buildings they were first performed under...and long may they continue through the years.

Sir O of D...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mystic Journey to Land of El Cid

Lady Traci of Pong and I had discussed for sometime the notion to make a journey across the Great Pond to visit the Ancient Land of Andalusia and the southern coast of Spain. Lady Traci's eldest daughter....Lady Brittany of New Harmony currently teaches English to young Spanish elementary school children in the city of Murcia. Murcia is about 3 hours+ southeast of Madrid.

Last week....we returned from Spain with some awesome memories of some great people and great surroundings. We definitely hope to return.....

This first account is literally an international tennis exchange....between this worthy and older Knight....Sir Richard....and some strapping young studly Spaniards named Pedro Luis Sandoval and Paco Francisco. Lady Brittany's wonderful boyfriend Roberto had made arrangements for this Knight to have a tennis exchange on the slow, legendary red clay of Europe at a nice tennis club in Molina, ESP outside of Murcia. Sir Richard is a fairly decent player in his own right...and the sometimes scourge of Wesselman Park known for frustrating younger and stronger players with his crafty game...and wingspan! He wears his Columbia fishing hat to keep his dermotologist happy....and to also make his competition NOT take him seriously.

Watching Pedro and Paco warm-up before Sir Richard joined them on the red caly court....he got a lump in his throat watching these two strapping pros pound their beautifully trained ground strokes back and forth across the dusty clay court. Now we know why Spain wins the Davis Cup world team competition every year these days!......

Both Pedro (in the red hat) and Paco are tennis pros who were products of the Spanish National Junior Tennis program and played satellite tournaments all over Europe....Paco in particular was a VERY strong player and teaching pro that Sir Richard was only able to muster a few points from in a few tiebreakers. I was then informed Paco had trained with years prior and played fairly even with David Ferrer - current top 30 in world Spanish player on ATP Sir Richard did not feel so unworthy as when he lost that last tiebreak 7-0. I was able to save some face and surprise the very strong Pedro in a thrilling 10 point supertiebreaker 10-6. Pedro had overpowering topspin ground strokes....but Sir Richard's Vegamatic-like slice backhand was able to frustrate the younger and stronger Pedro. Sir Richard does NOT want a re-match as he believes payback would be.....hell!

Afterwards....Pedro immediately insisted we partake on the club grounds...the art of tapas and drinking local favorite beer Alhambra. This Knight was overwhelmed with the hospitality...and in fact....we were all communicating incredibly well after that 5th round of Alhambra ales and 6th plate of IS the international language understood by all Knights. This Knight was also introduced to a favorite local delicacy of the Murcia region....Pu Puo....otherwise known as "grilled octopus". Lady Traci of Pong did all she could not to hurl....but Sir Richard made the proclamation : "Tastes like swordfish!". Pu Puo went on to become a favorite tapas of Sir Richard the rest of our 10 days in Spain....much to the chagrin of Lady Traci!

Pedro and Paco would like to become Spanish Knights of the fact.....this Knight was informed that the famous movie from the 1960s El Cid was filmed in southern Spain....and the Knights of the Templar were residents of the historic city of Granada. This Knight will also give an account of our visit to this beautiful city and the world famous Alhambra (Moorish castle on mountain top overlooking Granada).

Sir Richard remembered the far-fetched accounts of his late father Sir Richard Sr....that we were in fact descendants of King Richard the Lion-Hearted of England who fought in the Holy Wars against the Moors in this region....but this Knight also remembered that the Courtney family actually came from County Cork in the southern-most point of Ireland. He smiled and appreciated his late father's gift for embellishment.

You must get to Spain someday.....its a beautiful mix of the modern....with well preserved ancient cities and architecture. Sir Richard also proclaimed that "the Spanish have the best toilets in the world!!" There is also a bakery on every corner of do they love their sweets and fresh baked breads!

I also want you to see how a traditional Spanish family....the Sandovals.....celebrate a normal Sunday Lady Traci and I were overwhelmed with their hospitality.


Sir Richard Lionheart....of Evansville

KMSA Turns 3!

Today is a proud day for this Founding Father...for today is the third Anniversary of our Merry Band of Ladies and Knights...and "Founders Day" on the official Feast Calendar of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale!

Little did Sir Bowie and I realize how the seeds sown on this day in the bar at Old Chicago in Evansville would have grown into the international phenom we have today.

And, just a few months later, I would meet Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire at McGrath's in Harrisburg, PA...who would later earn the title of Honorary Founding Father, and design our Coat of Arms and add so much to what we had hoped to accomplish on this day three years ago!

By the end of this year we will have published our 1,000th Post!

Sir Hook, Sir Dayvd & Sir Bowie at Hook Norton Brewery in Oxfordshire

Last July, we traveled across the pond for our first International Council. Today, we are on the cusp of adding a Spanish Chapter, when Sir Richard the Lionheart of Beaver Creek crossed the pond just few months ago and got the locals in Madrid and the surrounding countryside enthused about our Merry Band! Sir Richard will be uploading posts on that incredible adventure, which we can't wait to read and to welcome our Spanish brother in arms!

So, today on our third anniversary...the three Founding Fathers...wish you well as you explore our three tenants of the KMSA....THINK...DRINK...BE MERRY!


Sir Hook of Warrick

Friday, April 16, 2010

Billy Joe Wants His Bullet Back

I always have a hard time conveying what Country Music I do like and what CM I don’t like (music wise anyway) in general enough terms… so maybe this will clear it up and why:

It’s the old-school uber redneck man’s man wild west mentality type of country music I enjoy. The simple. The honest.

I don’t know what the heck happened to that movement. If you look back to the days of the “family singing groups” dropping gospel garbage on A.M. radio consoling the uneducated masses across the plains with peaceful sounds of a better tomorrow coming once your carcass is full of worms, the reckless fun-loving lyrics and antics of bands like the Outlaws was a welcomed breath of honesty in a nation steel guitar’ed to sleep with package mediocrity.

The only saving grace is that those earlier ninestone cowboys faded away into CMT informercials and desolate county fairs.

Unfortunately the “new country” isn’t much different. Neither, of course, is anything music/art/entertainment-wise. Safe begets wider marketability and profit. And it’s a lot easier to sell cookie-cutter subpar horseshit than it is to cultivate a following for a creative genius.

None of that is noteworthy but it is what makes someone like Billy Joe Shaver so amazing. At 70 some odd years old he’s been around the barroom… but unlike your grandfather this man isn’t a withered old Gabby Hayes in need of a new hip.

He’s been covered by… everyone. Played on stage with… everyone. And yet a gigantic chunk of the general population has no idea who his is or that he wrote that song they sing in the shower.

And best of all (to me anyway) is that this old country nubbin is still full blown nuts… more punk than any skin head, more “gangsta” than any 18 year old with grill. You think you represent? You think you don’t let nobody be disrespectin’ you? then take a look at this:

On March 31, 2007 Mr. Shaver shot a guy, Billy Coker, in the face with a .22 caliber pistol… (to quote Mr. Coker’s testimony he was shot in the “Moustache Area”… which is a fantastic description.I think it should be used instead of whatever the hell the correct biological fancy latin words for that part of the face are).

In the face, son!

It was ruled self defense this week at a court in Waco. And then Shaver.. keeping with the old school country mentality (that whole “crazy” thing I mentioned) dropped this to a crowd before singing "Georgia on a fast train" at a show later that night in Houston:

“They asked me [mumble ]what are you going to do about this boy you shot? I said I’m getting the damn bullet back. That’s true. [laughs] You all think I’m joking. I mean it. Walking around being famous with my bullet in him. Stealing all my press.”

And that’s what crazy smells like. That’s the only kind of country music and musicians I like. Boot-scoot your-achy-mmm-bop cack out of here.

My question… my only real question… is how does he plan on retrieving the bullet? I hope… for the sake of up holding his bad ass wild west persona… he doesn't try to shoot it out.

Sir D of O

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Am I a Sheep?

A couple of weeks ago, Sir Dayvd mentioned a "idiosyncratic alternative black lager: Zeitgeist."

What an interesting web site with way cool language and art work by Heather Brennan, see more of her work here:

From her site:

I am currently in 4th year Illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. I recently produced artwork for a beer label and website for beer company Brewdog

My interests include photography, film, computer games and contemporary dancing.

Today, as I was fighting the good fight at work, I thought of a line from their site:

"The slaughterhouse of conformity is not my destiny." (unfortunately, if feels that way at work most days).

So, I was thinking, Good Knights...

What does "The slaughterhouse of conformity is not my destiny" mean to you?

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Dude is One With the Universe

Well, much to the disdain of Sir D, I am now officially an ordained priest of The Church of the Latter-Day Dude! My official documents arrived in the mail, complete with a letter of good standing so that I can perform marriages, etc.

The letter states, "This letter is to certify that Reverend David K Wells was ordained as a Dudeist Priest on March 17, 2010 and continues to be a member in good standing of the holy order of ministers of The Church of the Latter-Day Dude.

As a minister, preacher and official representative of our worldwide faith we ask that you recognize the Reverends authority to preside over any religious, sacred or ceremonial ritual, including marriage, funereal services, religious counseling, christenings, and blessing or consecration ceremonies.

Sincerely yours, Oliver Benjamin, The Dudely Lama of Dudeism."

The effect took immediately, transforming me into a mirror image of Eddy Murphy and then....

....into a unibrow cross between a human and a manatee, with my cells vibrating violently until finally....

...I am one with the Universe! So remember, now I'm make sure you Think, Drink and Be Merry...Dudes!

Sir Hook the Reverend Dude of Warrick

P.S. Charitable donations always accepted!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Find Waldo

As mentioned on comments on Sir Hook of Warrick's blog, Lady Gwendoline of Kensington and I, also attended Saturday night's ROSI flat track roller derby bout. It was her first ever and my first for this team. Evansville has two and I have friends on both of them.

I shot a number of images at this event. As I try not to shoot with flash, I was testing out my newish camera at a high ISO from 2000 to 5000 and a new (used) 70 - 200 2.x lens. While editing the 230 plus images, I happened to noticed a familiar figure in the background of some that, alas, didn't make the final cut. Last night I e-mailed Sir D of G saying I thought I had captured this elusive image and this morning with the blog, it was confirmed.

As Sir Hook of Warrick was on the opposite side of where I stood and sat (All three of us in the suicide seating), no shots were blocked in the making of this film.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


No, we're not talking about Rosie the Riveter...though her strength of character was birthed on the banks of the Ohio River here in Evansville making LST's and P-41 Thunderbolt's during WWII. We're talking ROSI...the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana...who embody the strength and determination of Rosie the Riveter wrapped in an athletic and skillful body providing thrills, chills and just downright fun at Swonder Rink in Evansville!

$6 tickets and $1 PBR beer provide the best sports entertainment value you can find anywhere! ROSI is the only non-profit roller derby league in the area, part of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, who not only entertain, but also donates their time and money to charitable organizations throughout the area.

Getting stamped at the door with a skull and cross bones inspired this errant Knight and part-time pirate that I was in for one hell of a night!

Part of the fun, is the creative use of names by the players, coaches and referees. Above is Miss Embowel, one of the refs for the evening. The name says it all! We would find other names like, Suffragette Kitty, Virgin Cherry, Armia Death, Chesty Copperpot and Sailor Scary.

Here's Lady Allwinky of Warrick with our massage therapist, Dana Darnell, who will soon be skating for ROSI in their next home match. Dana is the reason we were introduced to this fantastic sport! Dana originally hails from Chicago, but tonight the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana were taking on the Shade Brigade from Chicago....and they kicked some City Girl Ass!

Here's one of the Jammers scoring points for the Chicago team. Jammers are identified by a star on their helmet, and they have 2 minutes to get as many points as possible in the Jam.

Here's Hurtz Donut, one of ROSI's excellent Jammers taking her speed ahead of the pack to score points for Southern Indiana.

Some of the most fun action is when Sailor Scary, who's face adorns the program, takes the floor as a Jammer. Here she is pictured Jammer on Jammer. Shortly after I snapped this shot she took out the Chicago Jammer and starting yet another breathless scoring spree!

Sailor Scary stirs up the crowd after scoring 10 points on that Jam. She's an excellent athlete and natural born entertainer.

Here, Sailor Scary strikes a victory pose for my camera.

The final Jam is called and the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana celebrate a 119-44 victory over the Chicago Shade Brigade.

Here's Sailor Scary giving her little sister and mother a sniff of what a hard-earned victory smells like!

And of course, no fine Knights Night would be complete without Sir Hook of Warrick getting his picture taken with the star of the evening!

We're hooked...(pardon the pun)...and plan on attending the rest of the home season this year. To learn more about ROSI you can visit their website:

Or course, I don't know if they planned that domain on purpose, but I guarantee that you will be in for a "sinfully" delightful time!

Sir Hook Who's Roller Derby Name Will Be the Back Cracker of Warrick