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Sunday, April 18, 2010

KMSA Turns 3!

Today is a proud day for this Founding Father...for today is the third Anniversary of our Merry Band of Ladies and Knights...and "Founders Day" on the official Feast Calendar of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale!

Little did Sir Bowie and I realize how the seeds sown on this day in the bar at Old Chicago in Evansville would have grown into the international phenom we have today.

And, just a few months later, I would meet Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire at McGrath's in Harrisburg, PA...who would later earn the title of Honorary Founding Father, and design our Coat of Arms and add so much to what we had hoped to accomplish on this day three years ago!

By the end of this year we will have published our 1,000th Post!

Sir Hook, Sir Dayvd & Sir Bowie at Hook Norton Brewery in Oxfordshire

Last July, we traveled across the pond for our first International Council. Today, we are on the cusp of adding a Spanish Chapter, when Sir Richard the Lionheart of Beaver Creek crossed the pond just few months ago and got the locals in Madrid and the surrounding countryside enthused about our Merry Band! Sir Richard will be uploading posts on that incredible adventure, which we can't wait to read and to welcome our Spanish brother in arms!

So, today on our third anniversary...the three Founding Fathers...wish you well as you explore our three tenants of the KMSA....THINK...DRINK...BE MERRY!


Sir Hook of Warrick


  1. First Anniversary is paper.
    Second is cotton.
    Third is...


    In fact, every KMSA is a Beer Anniversary.

    Funny how that works.

    Here's to the next 12 months.

    Sir Bowie "Proud to be a FF" of Greenbriar

  2. lol....yeah BEER!! I think i kept the brewerys in business at the weekend at one event or another....
    the full list comes out like; 4 massive rock gigs... Then the Oxford Folk Festival ( which ended as a massive Violin, guitar, and accordian,& bodhran Jam spilling out on the street at the Half Moon pub in Oxford till 3am )....a sponsored 5k run for Cancer, sunday, which I clipped 5 minutes off my best time, in the fine weather........and a new Baby Girl called Darcy joining my close family of Friends at 1.25 am Sunday...with much celebration.

    The Volcano still makes its presents felt with the flight ban making all our scattered lives a will we won't we, in and out of the island. Glad I Booked early for the Ferry to France mid week... and Sir B,... i will probably be raising a Toast to you in Red Wine at the weekend and not French Bier.

    Sir D ( who ought to do some work and not play ) of O

  3. I love the name Darcy! Welcome to the world! I prefer French wine to their bier too! In fact, I popped open a bottle of French Bordeaux last night for a change.

    Glad to have you back Sir D!

    Sir Hook the Wino of Warrick

  4. I say we all raise a toast right now to our Founding Fathers....Sir Bowie....Sir Dayvd...and Sir Hook....for making such daily silliness and profound thinking occur simultaneously!!

    I'm so honored to be granted the Holy Grail to have the chance to make my humble contributions to such a site for literary giants. I only hope I can measure up to a microscopic level of your geniuses!! (WOW...hope they bought THAT line of shit!!!)

    Cheers and may the KMSA move into the next 100 years....Am I getting a little ahead of myself??

    A Guinness raised from.....
    Sir Richard Lionheart...of former Beaver Creek...and now of Evansville.

  5. Sir Richard, if you're toasting US, then it is YOU who has bought a line of shit! ha

  6. Touche Sir have exposed my thoughts.....and I have just purchased a six pack...of shit!

    I think I want to invest in Dayvd's weight loss company....if I can drink all the confiscated beer from clients trying to kick the habit and lose the pounds! enjoying this good Sierra Pale Ale Porter tonight with this Meatball Marinara footlong from Subway....Bon Apetit!!

    Sir Richard...somewhere lost up Oak Hill Road.

  7. Love anything from Sierra Nevada Brewery. Reminds me to pop open a Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, which will follow my glass of Fuli and Red Wine with steak. Part of my new weight loss program!

    Sorry Sir D!

    Sir Hook Who Knows Where the Beef is of Warrick

  8. Sir Hook!!

    OMG...I had aq six pack of Torpedo IPA in my grasp...when a long-haired gentleman and scholar from Frontier Liquor on Oak Hill Road (the Promised Land!) mentioned they had some SN Porter in their eyes glazed over...and I said...THAT is what I must purchase tonight.

    We went on to discuss the merits of Bells Porter and Bells Kalamazoo Stout....which brought tears to my eyes...because I discovered a TRUE brother in the DARKSIDE of beers. He laughed when I said..."The only good brew is one you CAN'T see through!" Then he said "I must be a Guinness Man!"....which really got me going.

    I left before the female store mgr thought I was having a Man Crush...haha!

    I raise a toast to you Sir Hook....across the County Line tonight!

    Sir Richard Lionheart....debating whether to have than 4th porter tonight......sigh!