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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Redneck Games

I give you America's answer to Sir D's quest for a limb-threatening, we're no girly men, drink til you die (if not sooner) festival...The Summer Redneck Games...held in Dublin, Georgia every July 5th.

This place will make the Crown & Scepter look like a Tea Party!

This is the look that Sir D would get as he tries to explain why this guy shouldn't enjoy a lager that tastes like horse piss!

And nothing says American Redneck better than the flag and a hillbilly hat complete with fishing tackle attachments!

The official keeper of the flame...the Games torch is constructed using butane and Budweiser beer cans.

You can participate in drinking without drowning while keeping your cooler full of aluminum containers of horse piss from capsizing...

The ever popular, banjo pickin' "Squeal Like A Pig" contest......

And speaking of pigs...the daunting "Pig Feet Bob" is always a thrill....

If you don't drown in the bucket of still might get trichinosis from the severed sows paw!

Not quite as dangerous, but requiring in-depth bathroom knowledge, the Toilet Lid Toss is a dead ringer for fun!  Not shown is the unfortunate foreigner who serves as the post for the toss on the other side.

And then...grandma's favorite...The Mud Pit Belly's sure to make any toothless lass "get dirty" with you!

If you're real get to shack up in the Redneck Mo Tail with Big Bertha...

Or pay tribute to the Stars N Bars displayed proudly on Lookout peak is claimed by Tennessee and the other by Georgia!

So, Sir D, when you feel like having more Freakin' Kittens while you learn how to Squeal Like a Pig with a Toilet Seat around your neck...just give us a call and we'll be glad to take you down to Dublin, GA next July!  I bet you'll be liking horse piss before you know it!

Sir Hook I Might Be a Redneck of Warrick


  1. I am so proud to be an American. (wipes away a small tear)

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

    Lady T. (who has been left uncharacteristically speechless) of Pickerington

  2. lol... a valient effort Hooky..nice try..but whats this?? no injuries?... No ambulances queued up to take people to the traction unit?.. Hooky...this is a giant English village the boys in the Crown and Sceptre would be securing that pigs trotter in a place on you where the sun never shines lol... and have you screaming SUEY:)
    I notice there is a good deal of female mud wrestling on the site photo gallery..this is why you want to go.

    Anyway Lest we forget here is
    Cheese Rolling UK 2009 to show any new knights and ladies what we are talking about here..

    I particularly admire the stirling work being done by the stretcher bearers..

    Lady Suzanne..I can see the Susan Pleshette thing so who would play Bowie in this

    Sir Dayvd of the rolling hills of Oxfordshire :))

  3. It's one thing to chase a cheese roll down the's quite another to chase your beer with a Jack Daniels and a dead pig foot in your mouth!

    The challenge still stands!

    Sir Hook the Hillbilly of Warrick

  4. The ambulance statement is "cute." Here in GA we don't need no stinkin' amblance. Just spit tobacco juice on a cut (don't matter how big or how deep), wrap broken bones with duct tape (if compound fracture, use a stick or Grampa's cane as a splint and then wrap with duct tape). Anything else, just have a Bud, shake it off and git back in the game.

    Sir Lance (checking his map to see how far it is to Dublin)

  5. I see next July being a totally different experience for KMSA

    do we need our passports to get into GA?

    Sir D:
    Sir B could be played by a Sutherland - Donald in his MASH days (which is one of Sir B's favorite long running t.v. series) or Keifer
    (24 is another favorite series)
    I think the jawline and the mustache works for my actor

    Lady S


  6. Can't argue with that Sir Lance... Mind you I'm guessing Barack'll want to be getting them some free healthcare out in them thar hills soon.

    Lady Suz... so we have Susan pleshette and Donald Sutherland in your movie... sounds quite a good draw...:))

    and i'm thinking Zach Branff and Amy Adams for ( lol...i'll play myself if that was the case..) so we await Sir Hooks and Lady Allwinky's "who would Hollywood bring in to play you in your life story "

    Sir D ( who is still writing the script for his movie ) of O

  7. I thank you Sir Lance...A Lot! LOL! A good defense is always a good offense (To paraphrase General Patton)...I think his went more like, "Where gonna grab those Nazi bastards by the nuts and kick em' in the ass all the way back across the Rhine and then use their blood and guts for Tank Track grease!"

    As far as who would play us in our movie, we plan on becoming famous enough to play ourselves!

    Sir Hook The Always Humble of Warrick

    P.S. In case we don't achieve household fame before our deaths, then we would pick Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston and our dog Rascal.

  8. Sir David.....WHERE oh you find this stuff???????

    What is most that most of those folks are parents....and breeding too!!!

    Sir Richard Lionheart......who believes in equal opportunity lunacy!

  9. Love the line Equal Opportunity Lunacy...thats one for the T -shirts..

    We are the Island of Equal Opportunity Lunacy, This is what happens when you just have 5 TV channels and a Universal healthcare system.... we have whole weekends of letting the population go nuts...

    Wants some more Examples HookY?? LOL.
    these two different races were filmed in -10 degrees in the winter..

    We're just building up the nation so we can come and invade the USA and take back the compensation claiming, Supersizing, Football watchin', waffle eatin' car driving everywhere, Continent once and for all.. LOL

    Sir Dayvd ( put down that Tort and get a bit of mud up your nose ) of Oxford...