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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quality Times

following Sir Davyd's challenge from January:

of interest at this time:

BOOK: Dorothy Taillon's "House-hunting is Murder"

a retired teacher turned real estate saleslady from my home town who has now written her first murder mystery hometown! Well written entertainment for those of us familiar with the small Kentucky city

TELEVISION: America's Got Talent
we watch and rate the entertainers and decide who we'd go to Las Vegas to see in a show

football is beginning, so Sir B and Sir William of Kegler will soon be see how many games they can watch in one day

OUTSIDE ADVENTURE: Sir B and I camped out in our cozy tent in the back yard the other night - with the dog and the cat - and the stars and the frogs -

INSIDE ADVENTURE: "hide the monkey" game is continuing

SNACK FOOD: monkey munch

MUSIC: Reba McIntyre's newest cd "Strange" is excellent - playing in my car daily

SPORT: Fall bowling leagues have begun - team Biff Bunch rules!

QUOTE: "If you can't put your whole heart into it; then get out of it" >

Lady S


  1. Love the quote you closed with! I also love that your hometown author is achieving some success. Yard camping definitely has its share of appeal...

    I'll be thinking about my own "of interests" all day!

    Lady T. who is right this moment interested in putting her kids on the bus for the first day of school

  2. Ooooh Goody Suzzzz glad you have taken it up.


    BOOK : just finishing The Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King...much better and shorter than the film. Life Changing.

    TELE : The Wire : All Seasons..but we are now on Season Five. Equally Life Changing.

    OUTSIDE ADVENTURE : tonight we go film the video of Little Fish's First Single,at a gig in Hoxton, its a gathering of the Fans.

    INSIDE ADVENTURE: Answering the Question...( after watching Mark Walberg play Vince Papale of the Philly Eagles in the Disney Film "Invincible" on TV ) If Hollywood wanted to make a film of YOUR LIFE, who, famous, ( okay dead or alive ) do you think they would bring in to play YOU

    ( not who you would Like!! who you think THEY think is like you.... would bring in to sell the film. ) Me? would be Zach Branff rom Scrubs.

    SNACK FOOD : Cheesy Doritos with Dill Pickle Relish Dip

    MUSIC : Love this music video from my friends Elisa and Ariel who I am meeting up with tonight woohooo :

    SPORT: Continuing with my early Morning Jogging 6am, down by the canal

    QUOTE : "It was a great party until someone found the hammer."

    Lady Suz... I really don't want to know what Hide the Monkey is....
    ... NO i said i really don't want to know TMI LOL...

    Sir Dayvd of Ohforshire

  3. Shock the MONKEY! Is Monkey Munch really a snack or simply the reward of finding the "hidden Monkey"?!

    Cheesy Doritos with Pickle Relish Dip? JHC...that sounds utterly disgusting! I'll have to try it!

    OK, Here's mine:

    BOOK(S): Still trying to finish "Socrates and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar..." by Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein. It's about understanding Philosophy through Jokes (So far the jokes on me).

    "House and Philosophy...Everybody Lies", a Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series that uses the character House from the FOX series to explain life and ethical principles.

    Both books have been on my nightstand, in my travel bags to England and back, and I still will have to start from the beginning on both. I don't know if it's the subject matter or the beer, but I fall to sleep shortly after reading. Which do you think?

    After I trudge through these I bought some good old historical fiction novels for a little lighter reading. Next up, Bernard Cornwell's "Agincourt"...bought after being inspired while shooting a long bow at Warwick Castle.

    TELEVISION: Cardinal Baseball, Football, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report

    OUTSIDE ADVENTURE: Repairing the roof and repainting our faux barn mail box. Before that, hanging out on Sir Bowie's boat in Lynnville.

    INSIDE ADVENTURE: Trying to stay awake while I read.

    SNACK FOOD: Blue Berry Yogurt

    MUSIC: Not enough room here to write about nor on my iPod to hold. Lately I've been exploring bands from the "Nightshift" publication in Oxford and what ever links that Sir D sends me. I do love Rebba's "Strange".

    SPORT: See Television above. I might actually dust off my golf clubs after two years this fall, which will become the next Outdoor Adventure.

    QUOTE: "Ability will never catch up with the demand for it." Confucius quote for today.

    Sir Hook the Monkey Man of Warrick

  4. morning musings...

    Lady T, I envy you putting your kids on the bus - don't want to relive the child rearing years - just enjoying the memories : )

    the quote was triggered by the fact we have another funeral to attend of a friend who died at a young 55 - time is too precious to spend half-heartedly living - a reminder to examine the who, what, where, whys of our moments

    Reba's voice just keeps getting better and better - have most of her music through the years and the country twang has all but disappeared - she can hold a note forever!

    monkeys were our bowling talismen - little plastic guys who keep moving into odd places around the house - you know Sir B and I like to play games

    monkey munch is like puppy chow - made it for the bowling banquet
    (you all seem to think all we do is... get your minds out of...)

    Sir D, good question:
    I think Suzanne Pleshette would look like me (or I look somewhat like her) and I'd like the storyline to echo Yes Man - the recent movie made from the book - say yes to everything (legal and moral) for one year and see how life-changing it can be!

    Lady S

  5. Quality Times
    following Sir Davyd's challenge from January:

    of interest at this time:

    BOOK: Measure Twice, Cut Once by Norm Abram (Lessons from a Master Carpenter).

    TELEVISION: I really don't have the patience anymore for a full baseball or football game -- But, I'm a sucker for cooking shows!

    OUTSIDE ADVENTURE: Took some time this past weekend to teach some Boy Scouts Geocaching (at Harmonie Woods).

    INSIDE ADVENTURE: Constructing a woodworking shop with borrowed tools.

    SNACK FOOD: Unfortunately, just about ALL junk food.

    MUSIC: Really not listening to much at all these days.

    SPORT: I should hike and walk more.

    MOST RECENT QUOTE: "Measure twice, cut once, but don't measure at all if you can avoid it -- Instead base your marking and cutting on the actual situation." Norm the Master Carpenter

    Sir Bowie