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Friday, September 18, 2009

35 Years Riding the Big Bang

35 years ago yesterday my mother died. I was 17. No matter your age, the loss of your mother is a very traumatic event. The holy incarnate...source of human life...compassionate anchor...wall of safety...gentle encourager...rabid protector...GONE! Having lost both my mother and my father, it is still the death of my mother that has without a doubt challenged and created the man I am today. It was my Big Bang!

What's your Big Bang in event so traumatic, so powerful, that the energy it releases will either destroy you or free you?

The flash of light and intense energy literally ripped my life apart that September afternoon in 1974. "Behold...all things are new!" Before me was the choice to create a new life using this energy or die a slow death inside...becoming a shell of a man lost in the vast universe...a black hole that sucks all the energy from your soul.

It took time, but I eventually chose life!

I became a Cosmic Surfer...riding the waves of energy released from my Big Bang...always on the edge of creation and destruction...which are like kissing cousins...closely related.

I embraced the chaos of creation and became a creator. Sometimes I emerge slightly burned...sometimes it seems effortless...sometimes you know if you fall off the board your dead...but the experience is always thrilling and rewarding.

I remember the day that I arrived as this new creation from my chaotic past as clearly as the day of my Big Bang. It was Easter in 1979. I wrote a song about the experience tittled, "Spring Day". I am releasing it finally on my new CD later this year. I'll share some of it with you now:

Easter...Spring Day
Stain Glass Colors My Skin
Hand on Tomb
Mother's Cry
The Wind Caresses Me

There's A Power
That Lives Inside Me
If Only I Listen...It Tells Me My Needs
Riding Fast...On Cosmic Waves
Souls Awakened...Spring Day
Old Life Forsaken...For Better Ways
Winter's Broken...Spring Day

Before you always are the choice of life and death...choose wisely!

Sir Hook the Cosmic Surfer of Warrick


  1. What a lovely tribute! I can think of no specific event that changed me to my core like that. No big bang.

    35 years and one day later, I am sorry for your loss.

    Lady T.

  2. Sir Hook,

    This is another that I'm going to have to read and reread.

    I've had a few Big Bangs: one that keeps me from being comfortable with religion or church (I now find nothing comforting about it -- maybe never did).

    And loses.

    But, always looking for Better Ways and Spring Days.

    Sir Bowie

  3. 2 Big Bangs and a few Whimpers have rocked my world

    a good friend once said that when she misses her mom and wants to talk to her, she pretends to call her on the phone

    After 33 years of long-distance calls with my mom, this makes perfect sense to me - I could carry on both sides of the conversation with ease!

    Fortunately, she is still there on the other end in real life - but when that Big Bang comes in my life, I know it will bring me to my knees.

    Wonder what our children will be saying about us someday?