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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flamin' Heck

After yesterdays blog that the world should turn to Lite Beer...I'm concerned that America is getting soft in its own country... Sure they are pretty keen in trying out Arms in other peoples deserts...But in the USA its all Waivers and Lawyers and Suing and generally being girlie over everything..

But i am hoping they can come back at me with a genuine limb threatening festival in the USA, other than the suggestion that I could take a walk in Compton LA or attend a Chilli Cook Off..:)

Spain has its Bulls running in Pamplona....and the Tomatina ; tomato throwing festival, Danjiri and Onbishiri in Japan, The Beehive Rocket festival in China even good old UK makes the Top Ten Dangerous Festivals with its Shin Kicking and Cheese Rolling....and if that is not enough you can try going to any Soccer match in the Island any weekend. :))

A new contender for the Top Ten is this doozy from El Salvador to celebrate a Volcano Eruption in 1922. ( what more reason do you need.)
Youths soak balls of rags in gasoline and light them and have what could be the opposite of a snowball fight..

If you want to see it... take a look at this Youtube footage.
So come on America give me some thrills...something i could possibly Die doing while drunk, with out any training or ticket......with hundreds of other people... and all in the name of FUN!!!!!

Sir Dayvd ( In the blue wardrobe of heaven are many unused clothes, too tight-fitting yet too beautiful to throw away. And in that wardrobe we hang our likenesses, yellow diaries yellowed with yesterday, thumb smeared with tomorrow. But the now, the present, like the hollow screech of ancient flamingos in search of shrimps, is still vibrantly shocking pink. ) of Oxfordshire


  1. First, yes I do drink a lite beer from time to time. But I tend to go for that manly 104 calorie Coors Light (regular Coors has only 149).

    I've never done the flaming rag fight -- but we did get rather inebriated one 4th of July (yes, Sir Dayvd, we do celebrate something on that date here in the States)...

    Anyway, we loaded our pockets with bottle rockets, went out into a field and fired rockets -- complete with red glare -- at each other. One of those games that no one can win; only lose -- an eye, finger, hearing...

    Sir Bowie "what the hell were we thinking? Oh, we weren't thinking!" of Greenbriar

  2. Aye, the man from the land where men like to dress up as women and call it entertainment or art, has thrown down the gauntlet!

    It's well established that I DESPISE LIGHT BEER! (Projectile VOMIT!)

    I too use to shoot bottle rockets at people. I especially liked sneaking up on friends parking with their girlfriends in the park and launching a salvo into the car. My nickname before Hook was Bottle Rocket.

    We also enjoyed going to home sites where basements where being dug and take turns trying to throw each other in. Who ever was unfortunate enough to fall in and not break his neck, then had to try to climb out while being pounded by dirt clods and rocks. I believe this was an ancient Jewish tradition for adulterers.

    Finally, not to be outdone, stay tuned tomorrow when I'll share an AMERICAN FESTIVAL that will have Sir D havin' freakin' kittens!

    Sir Hook Who Accepts All Challenges of Warrick

  3. Heh bring it on Hooky... i'm looking for a bona fide USA festival celebrating something, where hundreds of actual Americans, (ie where the public can join in without signing a waiver..).. lose all reason for their safety and welfare. ( and I suppose we can include Hawaii and Alaska, the only two places I can think would do something so unamerican lol )

    Sir D of O

  4. What is it with bottle rockets? In high school we drove around at night and shot them at each others cars from our hands while driving. No beer was involved. Just teenage stupidity.