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Monday, September 21, 2009

Cooking with Beer Challenge Update

A couple of weeks ago I started my Cooking with Beer Challenge (78 Recipes in 116 days).

Saturday, while I was finishing up Nos. 10 & 11 (Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss Pancakes with a Blueberry, Ale, and Maple Syrup Sauce),
I received this email from Sir Dayvd -- the challenge has crossed the pond:

From Sir Dayvd:

Just to show you guys we are taking notes here...

just tried the one with the celery and shallotts and small red peppers...
we used mushrooms fresh from the river meadow and leaks instead of garlic... and we used Bier bought back from France....its called Bier du Moulins ( or beer from the windmill ....yeah right )

turned out quite scrummyy... especially with more bier...:))

Sir D

- - -

Sir Bowie "off to pick up some butternut squash, scallops, and jalapeno cheese for tonight's feast"
of Greenbriar


  1. It is a fine art..but it is dangerously close to being drunk ... and having a pint of beer when cooking and just slopping a bit of it in the

    Actually last night, laughably.. on one of the cooking shows on TV, Ken Hom, the chinese chef, was demonstrating what he called a new era of Fusion Cooking that he is promoting and sells for mega bucks at his restaurants....

    ... when all he was doing was what us Frat guys did, back in the seventies at Uni, when we got back to our lodging, totally drunk from the JCR Bar,... which was to open the fridge and empty the contents and leftovers, into a pan, and maybe any wine that was left in the bottles...

    which is what he almost did when he made Curry with Pasta and a load of other odd ingrediants...

    Money for old rope... talk about taking a primal need for sugar calories and giving it a posh name...
    ( we used to say "it all goes in the same hole " which wasn't very it was just called "Scram" )


  2. tonight's dinner was wonderful! I'll let the chef describe the dishes and show pictures...

    once upon a time when we used to read books at night to the girls, there was a book that had a chapter about "mishmash surprise"
    basically this mom had taken the weeks leftovers and made
    dinner on Friday...
    we took the idea and made many mishmash dinners through the years!

    always tastes better when you have a cool name for leftovers ; )

  3. When I was in college it was stromboli. Saturday was the day we were able to borrow a car to get to the grocery store, so Friday we cleaned out the fridge. Every Friday was stromboli, but it was stuffed with everything leftover that hadn't sprouted mold. Some nights it was quite good. Some nights it was atrocious. Since dinner always fell between happy hour and they evenings round of parties, it really didn't matter.

    I'm so glad you guys are sticking with this - everything looks and sounds so good!

    Beer. It's what's for breakfast.

    Lady T. (who is getting pretty hungry)

  4. In the beercook household, we call it a "slumgullion" - mixed saute usually with rice or orzo. It's cold here so we are breaking out the Oktoberfests - had the GABF gold medal Dogtoberfest with chanterelle mushrooms and lemon-pepper pasta last night. Yum. Am glad you're having fun with *most of* the recipes, cheers, Lucy