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Thursday, September 17, 2009

From the "Why Didn't I Think of That" Department

I know that many Knights are interested in ways to connect to your spiritual core. Here is something that I saw the other night on one of those invention TV shows that might just help you "grow" spiritually:

This is it! The cutting edge of Zen technology. The secrets are now yours!

The semi-ancient art traditions of Bonsai Potato were nearly lost forever. Fortunately, writer Jeff Fitzsimmons stumbled onto a small faction of Bonsai Potato artists near Spirit Lake Idaho. Jeff took the information he gleaned from them and teamed up with marketing guru Mike Dillon. As a result, the secret shortcuts to tranquility, inner peace and artistic expression are once again available to the world.

The Art of the Bonsai Potato Kit: Zen — Without the Wait! contains pruning shears, tweezers, a state of the art replica of an ancient version of an actual Bonsai Potato altar, and a hilarious 64 page book explaining the rich tradition of the art of the Bonsai Potato®. It's everything you need to learn the shortcuts to patience and achieve inner peace — FAST!

And when you visit this zen art web site, make sure to check out a link at the bottom to for weird, cool stuff. Their gallery of design work is awesome:

For over two decades our group of artists, engineers, tinkerers and thinker-ers have been collaborating with clients and a diverse array of design professionals to produce dramatic environments. Our work sells, educates, entertains, illuminates, commemorates, interacts, tells time, projects and talks when you step on a red dot. Our specialty is providing the essential magic that turns an ordinary environment into something truly extraordinary!
We think outside the box (while fully appreciating the full potential of the box). We really, really do.

Sir Bowie "I think I have one those potatoes growing in the back of the cupboard" of Greenbriar

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