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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The picture above shows the many symbols of mans quest for the truth. It's Latin phrase means "Wayfarer's of the Truth"...proving how difficult the "truth" can be to find.

I believe the seeds of truth can be found in every symbol you see above. But again, how can you determine the truth when it is so easy to manufacture in today's society?

The old saying of "the truth can set you free" is not always true. When people distort the truth for their own agenda "the truth can enslave you".

The Spirit of Discernment is so necessary to embrace, encourage and nurture in life. It's the Soul's compass when sailing the seas of truth.

Truth is many-sided, so embrace the KMSA philosophy of Unity through Diversity and love and have patience for those who do not see the truth as you do.

Sir Hook the Wayfarer of Truth of Warrick


  1. The Other Night, at the Tavern, a long Time friend of us all, who likes stirring up the conversations...announced she was having twenty-four hours when she would tell nothing but the truth if she was asked a question by anybody... and for once we were all stumped as no-one knew what to ask her, as we knew that the Truth Hurts and we sure as hell Couldn't Handle the Truth...

    I supposed it showed that we all take people on face value and what they give us, with no-one being impertinant to question whether it was the truth, and maybe we invegale any truths out of people by other means than a straight question.

    Finally one mad fool broke cover from the bushes....a guy who had been a long time friend and was crazy about her.... and asked her if she would ever go to bed with him.

    You could have heard a pin drop when she said "No, it would ruin a great friendship"......and you could almost hear the air coming out of the balloon of hope and delusion 'that maybe one day'..that he'd carried around with him for so long.

    He shouldn't have asked of course.... and carried on living with the Hope.instead....:))

    Still the drinking and chatter soon resumed when we started to try and find out if anyone would be happy to have a red light fixed to the top of their heads, primed to come on when they told a lie or fib... and you know what..? not one of us said they would be happy to wear one for even quarter of an hour.. hmmmmmmmmmm so much for the truth

    So Knights..AND Ladies. would you wear a Red Light???? or more interestingly would you have twenty-four hours where you told the truth to anyone who asked you a question...?

    For my sins i don't think i could do either..:))

    Sir Dayvd ( who naturally has a big nose....honest! ) of Oxfordshire

  2. "Ain't that the truth?," she asked.
    "It is to me," he said.

  3. No red light on my head please. I reserve the red light for when it comes on in the confessional that signals its my time to maybe tell the truth!

    Sir Hook of Warrick