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Friday, September 24, 2010

Freedom of Choice - Choose Wisely

One of the very core belief's of the Knights of Creation Spirit and Ale is Freedom of Choice.  The trick is, as Indiana Jones was instructed by an 800 year old Crusader, is to "Choose wisely"!

How does one choose wisely in today's society?  Sitting in a hotel room in New York City, I decided to look up how many restaurants there where in the city as we are trying to decide where to eat tonight.  The New York City Department of Health lists more than 20,000 restaurants on their "Restaurant Inspection Information" web site.   That's a lot of Freedom of Choice...and makes the odds of choosing wisely difficult.

There's always the tried and true method of acquiescing to another's expert opinion,  Google searches and reading reviews, etc.  The mere amount of information and opinions can be overwhelming!

I think, as Indy correctly did, that the wise choice is not always the the shiniest, most alluring, or most talked about...I think the wise choice is simple in it's utter complexity.  The wise choice is to trust your instincts and to not be afraid of the unknown.  Embrace the now!  That's the KCSA way!

So, I'll let you know later if we chose wisely!

Sir Hook the Hungry of Warrick


  1. As someone way more articulate than I once said: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice...

    I hope you chose to decide, though. Because I hate to think of you going hungry...

    Lady T. who believes that the words of the prophets were written on the studio walls

  2. Food? Choice? SMORGASBORD!

    Just don't eat at one end of the table!

    Saw the "two for one" photo -- you must tell.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  3. when ever i am on the road in somewhere like NYC, I dump the reviews and employ something i learned in Germany which they call 'wanderjahre' I hit the streets to the restaurant districts and meander through the sights and senses and atmospheres, soaking up the smells and lighting and all the swirl of life around it, until you instinctively settle on the meal of the moment, in the restaurant that makes you feel alright.

    Sir D of O

  4. Sir D is spot on! Worked well last night! Found a gem called Bocca in Mid-Town and then slid into Heartland Brewery for a home brewed 5.7% "Smiling Pumpkin Ale"! Scene of the 2 for 1 pic. We created an experience, drank, thunked, and were VERY MERRY!