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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Global Knight

On this Good Night for Good Knights, I would like to share with you some facts about "The Global Knight".

Google now tracks stats for it's blogger app, which our Esteemed Band of both Fair and Ruff Sex Brethren, utilize as it's preferred form of electronic communication.  It is now possible, and thankfully so, to see where our readers come from, how many there are and how they access our humble tome.

To date, here are the following readers:

  • United States = 5,706
  • United Kingdom = 935
  • Canada = 557
  • Australia = 308
  • Germany = 250
  • Netherlands = 127
  • Brazil = 98
  • India = 91
  • Spain = 79
  • France = 56
  • South Korea = 1
  • Malaysia = 1

That totals 8,209 readers of the Knights of Creation (formally Moleskine) Spirit & Ale!  We did not know this in May when we took our sabbatical.

Yet, only 18 chose to sign up as followers on the old blog, and only 3 currently on the new edition.  Also, very few bother to comment.  This apparent lack of interest made us, the Founding Fathers, feel like we were preaching to a 3 member choir (ie, ourselves)!  This is one of the reasons we didn't see the reason in proceeding onward as summer arrived.

Obviously, we where wrong.  The addition of Facebook access only further proves this point, as future Knights and Ladies are more than willing to friend us on Facebook, but not list themselves as followers on the actual blog.  (Note, we currently are posting to both the blog and on Facebook.)

So, to those faithful followers we say, thank you, and raise our glass in a toast to your good fortune and health!  Thank you for giving us reason to carry on the good fight...and to humbly share our humorous and human tales of wonder, faith and debauchery with you!

Good Night...Good Global Knights!
SIr Hook the Unusually Humbled of Warrick

P.S.  If you were a follower on the old blog, please list so again on the new, thank you.  Anyone can post content on the wall, photos and videos with links on our Facebook page.  Finally, if you are interested in writing on our blog please send your request for review.

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