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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm a major fan of Sir Hook. I've known him longer than most any of you, but perhaps not as well as some of you. He's my cousin, you see. Hook's mother and my father were sister and brother. As he's matured Hook's energy (which has always been in abundance) and breadth of interests impress me, and his lack of intimidation when filming musicians and dancing women at concerts can only be admired. His choice of a Lady has proven wise, as well.

The Knights blog renewal comes at an opportune moment in my life. I've been a pastor, theological professor, and social concerns advocate for many years, and I'm now in the position of starting a new career. I love a good pint along with a rich cigar, and I'm motivated by the Knights drive to "Create or Die"! Honestly, I find that blatant challenge a bit daunting.

Like Sir Hook, I have many interests and joys. Mine are are family, music, writing, public speaking, travel, social justice, Christian Theology, interpersonal relations, peacemaking, home brewing, interfaith relations, and furniture making. I'm seeking to discern which of these interests, or combination of them, should be my career focus. So what I thought I'd do is allow you Knights and Ladies of KCSA to counsel me, thus broadening my considerations.

I'm married, an empty-nester, gregarious, a quick study, relatively bright, active, can work with my mind and my hands, would not do well in a cubicle, and live in a city of 100,000 people 120 miles between two cities of 1 million or more.

There you have it. What say ye?

I'll write more typical blog posts in the future. Glad to be here with you.


  1. Aye, welcome dear cousin and fellow Knight! I threw out the Hooky Hook in hopes that you would take the bait and join us in writing on our blog. Well done! Thanks so much for your kind comments, and leaving out those you could have shared. LOL! Now, keep creating as only you can!

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