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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm an Egghead!

Lady Suzanne and I helped the Easter Bunny this morning fill plastic Easter eggs. In the "old days" we would decorate real hard boiled eggs. Today, that tradition is over (and not easy).

According to tradition, an egg is a symbol of new life and is used at Easter as a symbol of Jesus' resurrection. The outside of an egg looks like a stone and so it is a way to represent the outside view of Jesus' sealed tomb. Inside the egg is the new life of a baby chick ready to break out and so this is a way to represent Jesus' new life as he rose from death.
People would decorate eggs to give to members of their family at Easter as gifts.

Since I don't have any personal decorated eggs to share with you, I thought I would post some images that have been forwarded via email -- they truly are

Unfortunately, I don't have the name of the creator(s), but I don't think he or she will mind my passing them along.

Have an eggciting Easter!

Sir "The Easter Bowie" of Greenbriar

Below, Sir Bowie finding an egg -- many, many years ago!


  1. awwwwwwwww what a cute little boy -
    I still see glimpses of him in my big guy!

    We are thrilled to have both girls home for one more Easter egg hunt - had thought those years might be behind us.

    It seems all the grandkids except one were able to come home for Easter weekend - so we'll have our egg hunt here and then head to Grandma's house - some traditions are too good to do away with : )

    Lady Suz,
    who has the alarm set early to go to 6:28 Sunrise services

  2. Heh..nice one.....whenever I'm teaching people to draw cartoons i've always said just concentrate on practising the crucial area of expression in the middle of the face, get that right and it means you can draw on anything.

    The Old English Ēostre (also Ēastre) and Old High German Ôstarâ are the names of a putative Germanic goddess whose Anglo-Saxon month, Ēostur-monath, has given its name to the Christian festival of Easter.

    Eostre is attested only by Bede, in his 8th century work De temporum ratione, where he states that Ēostur-monath was the equivalent to the month of April, and that feasts held in her honor during Ēostur-monath had died out by the time of his writing, replaced by the "Paschal month."

    Subsequently scholars have discussed whether or not Eostra is an invention of Bede's, and produced theories connecting Eostra with records of Germanic Easter customs,including hares, ( which later got converted into Bunnies for commercial reasons ), and eggs.

    Jacob Grimm ( he of the fairy tales ) said in 1882; "We Germans to this day call April ostermonat, and ôstarmânoth is found as early as Eginhart.

    The great Christian festival, which usually falls in April or the end of March, bears in the oldest of OHG. remains the name ôstarâ, it is mostly found in the plural, because two days, were kept at Easter.

    This Ostarâ, like the [Anglo-Saxon] Eástre, must in heathen religion have denoted a higher being, whose worship was so firmly rooted, that the Christian teachers tolerated the name, and applied it to one of their own grandest anniversaries. Indeed, to keep Heathendom at a distance, one can only imagine the early teachers adopting Sir Bowie's "According to tradition paragraph", till any mention of Ostara was religated to being the egg shaped capital O as a mark to make, for the superceded pagans, who were more than keen to get some of the 'in-the-dry employment of the thousands of burgeoning religious projects; building and decorating catherdrals , churches and monestries, rather than working the land.

    Still, whatever your beliefs the simple Egg, even from iron-age times, must always have been a wonderful sign of the warming year, showing up as Foodstuff from migrating and breeding birds like a free gift from the Gods.

    Sir D ( who is the Walrus Goo Goo Ga Joob.... ) of O

  3. Happy Easter! And not only do I still believe in the Easter Bunny, but he lives with us. Right now he is under the bed chewing on the baseboards.

  4. He spies a tick, grabs the egg and runs.

  5. They should have one look like the chick "pardon the pun" in Aliens having a Chicken baby!


    Sir Hook the Egghead of Warrick