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Friday, November 12, 2010

Did the Ancient Israelites Drink Beer?

Okay, all you Knights and those curious others, here's a link to an article of keen interest. 

The question: Did the Ancient Israelites Drink Beer? Well, did they? Read the article from Biblical Archeological Review to find out!

Sir John of the Rangeline


  1. Excellent article Sir John! I look forward to more Biblical research on beer with you on the cruise in January! Now, get ready to be ran out of town by the Southern Baptist Convention! LOL! And they say they believe in literal interpretation...time to draw another PINT!

    Sir Hook the Thirsty Theologian of Warrick

  2. Nobody told the Methodists.... although, as the article stated, the Bible was pretty clear on the wine stuff, but still the Methodists served grape juice for communion because alcohol consumption is a sin, so.....

    Lady T, the lapsed Methodist

  3. Ah, Lady T, I was raised a grape juice drinker until I realized that my sin was also indulged by my savior! I'm much more comfortable in my Catholic Beerology now!

    Sir Hook the "Practicing" (Daily Beer Consumption) Zen, Cherokee, Catholic, Christian of Warrick

  4. Hello again Knights,

    Sir Hook of Warrick & Sir Bowie or Greenbriar.

    Found your new page and I am following your posts
    I thought the last story about the Israelites very interesting.
    Check out my blog in the history of beer, link below already translated into English.

    Ricardo Matos

    Ein Prosit !!!!!