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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Should Cardinal Fang Run the Vatican Bank?

Cardinal Fang from Monty Python.  Click on the Post Header to visit his official website!
It appears that money continues to disappear at the Vatican Bank.  Perhaps it is time to call Cardinal Fang out of retirement to re-establish it's "credibility" in the financial world...after all..."NOBODY SUSPECTS" that the Vatican is actually laundering money for the Mafia, holding money illegally gained from Germanic Jews by Nazi Germany, or simply using the funds to keep pedophile priests under wraps.

Nobody suspects because nobody actually knows...including the Pope, as made evident by an article in the Wall Street Journal from 2009:
As part of Pope Benedict XVI’s campaign for transparency, the secretive Vatican bank gets an overhaul with Italian economist Ettori Tedeschi being appointed the new chief executive, replacing a predecessor that was in position for 20 years. The bank’s supervisory board has also been revamped. The venerable head of the Catholic Church has ‘shaken up management at little-regulated Vatican bank.’ One Vatican official says, “We expect deep change.”

Only a ‘small group of cardinals and, ultimately, the pontiff, regulate the bank.’ There have been various ‘abusive practices stemming from a lack of oversight’ that have emerged over the years. In the late 1980s, the bank got embroiled in a massive banking scandal where ‘the Vatican paid $250 million for contributing to the collapse of another bank.’
Though no reasons were given by the Vatican regarding the major overhaul of its bank, it is said that the Holy See has ‘long sought to shake up the bank’s management in a bid to modernize its operations.’
The objective now is transparency but that is ‘likely to run up against the Vatican’s long tradition of maintaining a low profile when it comes to managing Church finances.’ It is the lack of transparency and oversight that has led to the abusive practices over the decades.
Not to mention this article from Associated Press just 5 days ago!!!!  (See how efficient Rome really is!  LOL)
So, murder, intrigue, laundering money, sexual scandals...sounds like the Catholic Church is doing a great job putting the "Father" back into "God"!  
"Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever."
Or is it, The Lord giveth and the Vatican Bank giveth it back!
Sir Hook "the Practicing Catholic (tho sometimes I question why) Who Wants His Share from the Vatican Bank" of Warrick  (I'll make you a deal you can't refuse!)


  1. Perhaps, if the Catholic Church would negotiate an SEC Football-like "pay for play" with me, I'd return.

    Why not. Sort of like a reverse mortgage. The CC loans me, say, $1,000,000 to come back. I'll promise to put 25% away in a nice mutual fund and the CC can have it when I die. Plus, I promise to put in a good word with the big guy when I kick the bucket!

    Sir Bowie "I don't think I'll be winning any religious Heisman Trophies anytime soon!" of Greenbriar

  2. Nice one Bowie.

    Hook knows this comment Box isn't big enough to put every thought i think about the robed Goons in the CC.

    As for me. I give to Caesar what is Caesar's, (about 45% / 50% of my earnings.) and I give to my "god" what is "god's", ( which amounts to a big thankyou every now and then that I was lucky enough to be over the UK Drop Zone when the embryo static line was deployed )

    Spiritualism should be Personalized, not Organized.

    Sir D.

  3. It's still part of my faith, but I agree with Sir D, personalized beats organized in Spiritual matters every time. A basic tenant of the teachings of Christ that many forget and abuse.

    Sir Hook Who Loves "Your Own Personal Jesus" of Warrick