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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Official KCSA Web Site

It's crazy how when you have something good going and you ignore it, it simply slips away.  This can be said for business, relationships, families, etc.  It certainly can be said for the Knights and Ladies of our Realm...specifically me, Sir Hook of Warrick "Founding Father".

Realizing that it has been since 2013 since we have made our last post, and 2007 since we shifted from being the Knights of Moleskine Spirit and Ale to the Knights of Creation Spirit and Ale to our newer blog layout, I thought it time for this warrior monk and errant knight to get off his royal arse and do something about it.

Above you will see the fruits of that labor, a labor of love and devotion to our noble cause.  It seems the longer the world spins out of control a voice of reason from the desert is needed.  A voice that knows no boundaries to imagination, nor recognizes any limitations to the human spirit.  A voice that screams, "Unity through Diversity"!  A person of merit who personifies the attributes of "Think...Drink...Create...and BE MERRY...damn it!"

Having decided that using the term creation instead of creativity could violate one of our core principals, we have now become the Knights of Creativity Spirit and Ale.  Better yet, now is the time to unite through our diverse backgrounds and geographic locations to become a Nation of Knights...KnightsNation!

Thus, we have "hooked" (no pun, ok, pun intended) our blogs into one, and have made it part of the KnightsNation web site.  Hell, we even have a web store to buy our logo goods.  That site is what you see a picture of above, as well as the link to it for you to visit.

As you will see, we plan on being able to feature our membership's work and to continue to blog regularly.  The web site is also mobile friendly and we will post our blogs on our new Facebook page as well.  Here is that link.  (Please like our Facebook Page)

So, Knights and Ladies, to war...for the KCSA nation!

Sir Hook "the not so idle anymore" of Warrick

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  1. Sometimes drinking should be restricted in order not to prevent you finally from thinking! Don't you think it may do harm some day?))