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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Unity Through Diversity...Explained Once Again!

As those who have followed us over the years know, The Knights of Creativity Spirit & Ale was founded on the principle of UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY!  There have been several excellent posts written about this throughout the years, which you can read by clicking the links below:

However, with the USA election of 2016, it is once again necessary...nay, obligatory...for the KCSA to speak up about why Unity Through Diversity is essential to progress.  Donald Trump is being hailed by the extreme right and political experts as nothing we've ever seen before.  WRONG!

Trump and his narrow belief system is nothing new at fact, it's just another in a long line of American soar spots that have once again risen to the surface like the virus it is.  American Indians blocked our way to expansion, so they were vilified and swept away.  Italian and Irish immigrants were persecuted and murdered for stealing our jobs in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Mexican Americans have often been the target of hatred since Texas declared independence from them and the resulting wars that followed.  German Americans were forced to drop their language, newspapers and traditions during WWI and WWII.  Japanese Americans were rounded up in camps during WWII, not unlike the German concentration camps, minus the gas and fire chambers, while those same Japanese Americans young enough to fight were sent to fight Germans and became the most decorated unit during the war.  Supposed communists were black listed by the fear and hatred of Senator McCarthy in the 50's.  Now the fear and hatred of Muslims, Blacks, Progressives and basically any Immigrant is trying to permeate our society once again with the help of the likes of Trump.

Walls don't work!  Just ask the Romans in Britain or the Chinese.  Instead of erecting walls we should be embracing diversity!  Fear is the fuel that drives hatred on its destructive course.  Without fear, ISIS will cease to exist.  Trump needs ISIS and FEAR to fuel his hate engine.  We need the strength and grace to embrace diversity.  As my Grandmother Baker told me, "You have to look your fear in the face and make it yours."  Or as FDR so famously stated, "We have nothing to fear except fear itself!"

Besides, if we didn't embrace diversity we wouldn't have such wonderful mixing of cultures that result in wonders like Tex-Mex and Creole food.  The same people who want to build a wall don't have a problem downing chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant.

I have become a better person by embracing diversity in my life.  I'm a registered Republican, who is very liberal and often votes Democrat.  I'm also a member of the NRA, even though I despise how they corrupt our political system.  I love learning about new foods, drinks, cultures and I love to travel.  I was raised Southern Baptist but I'm now a practicing Roman Catholic, though in all honesty I much prefer my Cherokee belief system with a nice glass of Buddhism and a Zen salad.

So, join me brave knights and ladies as we once again saddle up to do battle with the dark side of humanity.  UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY!  NO FEAR!  HAVE THE GRACE TO EMBRACE!

Sir Hook the Diverse of Warrick

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