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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Toast to Your Health: Booze & Hospitals

I ran across an interesting article that was emailed to me by a Healthcare Marketing Association that my business is a member of..."Booze-Friendly Hospitals Aim To Ease Patient Woes."  You can click on the Blog Title above to link to the article after you read this post.

Two things caught my eye immediately:  1)  A Hospital has actually decided to allow patients and family to bring alcohol into the hospital if doctors approve it for their patient to ease recovery.  2)  That Hospital is located in my home State of Indiana.

Now, that's my kind of Health Care Recovery Act and "change that I can believe in!"  Needless to say, a nice glass of Merlot would have eased my recovery from open-heart surgery, and a six-pack of Ale would have done my broken back wonders in Louisiana!

Just imagine the potential profits for health systems?  They can bill your insurance $50 for a bottle of horse piss Budweiser, or for the discriminating palate, $150 for a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  Better this opens the door for you to get a script from your family physician for alcohol and have your insurance pay it, or write it off your taxes if you itemize medical deductions!  WAHOOOO!!!!

So, next time you have to visit a Hospital, make sure it's BOOZE-FRIENDLY!

Here's To Your Health...Cheers!
Sir Hook the Who Puts the Ho in Hospital of Warrick


  1. When a friend of mine - 25 years ago or so - gave birth (this was in PA) the hospital provided a bottle of (cheap, nasty) 'sparkling wine' with dinner that evening so that she and her husband could celebrate. Me? I'm a big fan of the hospital drugs... but I can surely see the inherent merit in supplementing them...

    Lady I think it's time for my meds T.

  2. what about those of us who actually work in a hospital?

    15 minute breaks could take on a whole new aura

    Lady (packing for the pioneer weekend) Suzanne