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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Join the Army!

My 18 year old son, Sir Ryan of Kenton, is on the verge of swearing into the Army. Not that this Old Warrior of Light doesn't support his decision and all Warriors in general; however, I have to question how he has been recruited by evidence of this band of camouflage wearing lasses. Maybe it's the Army's version of 1,000 virgins, but I don't think I see any of those in this crowd. Remember to support our troops and our sons and to think, drink and be merry!
Sir Hook

Look at the means which a man employs, consider his motives, observe his pleasures. A man simply cannot conceal himself! -Confucius

1 comment:

  1. Sun Tzu (The Art of War) says that the enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution. This is the way to keep a country at peace and an army intact. Move not unless you see an advantage; use not your troops unless there is something to be gained; fight not unless the position is critical.

    It's always a good time to think about your enemy and learn more about yourself, have a beer, and be merry.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar