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Friday, November 30, 2007

A Post and Toast to Coasters

Collecting coasters of different pubs and beers is a fabulous way to remember a particularly joyous occasion. Newly Knighted, Sir Richard of Windsor shares his wisdom on this subject below:

I have found in my travels, that you do come across exceptional brews, and I have found a way of recording them that does come in handy.
When in England, and I found something that appealed to my taste, I would like to make a note of it just in case I was back in the same area at some future time. Most pubs that brewed their own beer or ale had a particular one that they were very proud of. They would usually have coasters printed up to promote that
particular brew. I would ask the proprietor if I
could take one as a souvenir, and never have I been refused, but I think the polite thing to do is ask. I record the Location, the date, and the name of the pub on the front. On the back I put the tasting notes, and what I particularly enjoyed about it. I take a picture of the establishment to go with it. When I
get home, I put the coaster and the picture in a CD case with transparent sleeves. I have them organized by country, and geographic section of the country. When I go back, it is easy to look up the particular pub and their brew so that I may re-experience what I found to be particularly enjoyable the first time. It also serves as a very enjoyable way of recalling high
points of one's vacations. This methodology need not be confined to one's travels, but used locally as well. I hope this will serve as a tool for my fellow Knights research. I would like to glue them into a Moleskine, but by the sheer scope of my diligent research, the bindings just can't handle it. If I wasn't quite so dedicated-----.
To your health,
Sir Richard of Windsor

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