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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder? I confess I do. I will also confess that I wonder too much. The hardest thing for me to do is to live in the now. It's a truly exhausting exercise, but once achieved for that spec in time, one of the most sublime and intimate moments in life. Time stands still as the mind expands beyond its normal limits. Yeah, it's a drug. A spiritual cocktail extraordinaire waiting to intoxicate you, motivate you, release you into ecstasy. Alas, it won't, it can't last, but that doesn't mean you stop trying.

Last night I found myself wondering why I made such progress in my work all day, only to be dealt a difficult blow right at the end of the day. A blow that might jeopardize a project that would leave me with time on my hands and nothing to show for it. It didn't seem fair! I wondered why this happens? Not a fan of predestination, I do however recognize that forces move around and through use to guide us towards our destiny if we only allow those forces to be heard, felt, to surrender to their movements.

So, I find myself here this morning wondering if room is being made in my life to write? Not just this blog, but all the great stories stored in my mind. Is this the Divine calling me to yet another new place in life? You see, I can't keep from wondering. It even manifests itself in the physical. I'm addicted to wondering!

Now, how do I make it work for me instead of against me? A question that all true Knights and Ladies will face many times in their battles. Thank you for wondering with me today. Perhaps you're wondering about what the hell I'm talking about. Perhaps you're exactly where I am this morning and totally understand. Perhaps you never wonder? If so, enjoy the peace and pass it on. There are plenty of us who might become bored in such Nirvana.

Sir Hook the Wonderer of Warrick

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