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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm Too Sexy

I'm too sexy for my sexy for my elf...elf...elf! Just goes to prove that size doesn't's all about style, or the lack there of. A wise Mexican cab driver once told me, "Amigo, it's not the size of the's the motion of the ocean!" His name was Jesus by the way, so I had to believe him!

When it comes to Fashion Advice You Can Trust, trust me when I say, follow your gut and create your own style. That's what separates the creative man from a fashion mag...and perhaps create a whole new cultural icon!

As ZZ Top says, "Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man." I don't believe that necessarily means a button down collar, but wearing whatever with confidence. I do agree with the Top when they say however, "I'm a fool for your stockings I believe!"

Sir Hook the Fashionable of Warrick

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