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Monday, March 24, 2008

Snapshots from a Dharma Bum

When ever I visit the organized chaos of New York, it never fails to remind me; with its ultimate compression and fu
ll stop of mankind, and the threadbare literally rubbing shoulders with the millionaire, that the final sin of all, and the worst, is righteousness.

My Favorite New York Bar. 363 West Broadway, on the South East corner of Broome St. and West Broadway. http://broomestreetbar.ypguid

Outside New York Public Library, (the words Public Library, themselves, along with Hope and Charity, up there among the greatest words ever conceived)

Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire


  1. Yes, Sir Dayvd. Righteousness is a terrible sin for mankind because it means that you always have to be Right. Humanly impossible. A better result is made with honesty, integrity and compassion...Spiritness!

  2. ...but above all things, truth beareth away the victory."

    On one side TRUTH and the other BEAUTY.

    Thank you Sir Dayvd.

    I'm off to Georgia, a day on the Appalachian Trail, and a few days in the city of the Garden of Good and Evil -- Savannah.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar