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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unity Through Diversity: A Lesson for the American People

We the People.....

That is how the Constitution of the United States begins. "Power to the People" is more than a catch phrase to the framers of the Constitution. Sadly, our current political climate has given rise to leaders who have forgotten that they are elected to serve the people and not themselves.

The United States of America began as a grand experiment in the the basic tenant of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale..."Unity through Diversity". We could have very well taken on the name of the Unified States of America.

Now is not the time, nor should there ever be time allowed, for the politics of hatred. Rush Limbaugh, who I prefer to call Lush Limpballs, says he's an American. However, the self anointed leader of the "New Right Wing Republicans" has one HUGE problem with his rhetoric. He wants the American President, and thus, the American people to fail. This is the same results that Osama Bin Laden wants for the American people!

Wake up Rush! You're a terrorist and a traitor to the American people! You should have Bin Landen on your show so you can discuss how nice it will be to have a country full of people that finally believes as you do (whether they like it or not), instead of a country full of people who have the freedom to think for themselves!

Republican House Minority Leader, John Boehner, lead the boycott of Republican votes in the house for the current stimulus package proposed by President Obama. This is the same man who spear-headed Bush's bailout of Wall Street and the funding for Iraq's infrastructure, which resulted in us literally losing 12 billion dollars in bundled up cash there. His answer, "It's not that big of a price to pay for freedom." What?! Yet, somehow this is too big of a price to pay for the American people!

John Stewart on his Daily Show a few nights ago summed it up best..."We should declare the American people terrorists and then let the government invade us...that way we would get the money we need, the buildings repaired, the democracy restored and schools rebuilt." A sad, yet true irony.

It's time to put a stop to this finger pointing and political back stabbing at the expense of "We the People". How?

By realizing that the same flag that stands behind President Obama and Senator Boehner is the same flag that stands behind every American. The same flag that stood behind it's founders, our ancestors who sacrificed to keep the dream a reality and us who stand on the cliffs of despair today. It is a symbol of hope and of "Unity through Diversity" that has...and still can...make us a better and stronger people.

John McCain did have it right when he said, "Country first." We are all Americans first before we are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc. I invite the followers of Rush Limbaugh to come out of their terrorist caves and put "Country First" once again.

It is time to rise above what we were and to strive towards what we can become!

Sir Hook Who's a Real American of Warrick


  1. Here Here!! Reverand.


  2. Well, I'm no ditto head, so I can't say for sure what RL is talking about. "Right" or "Wrong," I do have to respect his right to cough up his sermons.

    Sir "not jumping on the 'off with his ditto head' bandwagon just yet" of Greenbriar

  3. I don't have a problem with his freedom of speech. I do have a problem with him claiming to be an American, yet calling for the failure of America of the next 4 years.

    Sir Hook Who Believes that He Who Listens to the Jaw Bone of an Ass, Dies by the Jaw Bone of an Ass of Warrick