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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Fame, a song by David Bowie. Fame, a Broadway Hit and Television Show. "I want to live forever." The battle cry of the evangelical as well as the self obsessed. In most cases it's one and the same; however, in this rendition of Fame we are purely having FUN...another "F" word that elicits pure emotion.

Sir Davyd of Oxfordshire shared this site with me,, where you can upload photos into different mock magazine covers. Four things I instantly noticed:
1. It's a great exercise in self awareness.
2. It says more about you than you realize.
3. It's just freakin fun, and the subject of the next few blogs from me.
4. We got to have one of these on KMSA!

We have been discussing the need to open up the blog so that more people can post. After all, I may be Famous, a Founding Father, and a Knight, but I'm no Feudal Lord. At lest not in this life! So visit and start to discover the real you.

Now, back to writing my next World Wide Hit. Watch out Simon!

Sir Hook the Minstrel of Warrick

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sir:

    Thank you for this great honor! I hope I can live up to the great expectations! :-)