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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Generosity is Grace in Action

What better way to celebrate Palm Sunday than under the Palms?! Now, I will give you that some people would be VERY AFRAID of such an expression of generosity; however, I do believe that it's true...When you smile, the whole world smiles at you. This is the source energy of generosity; which, I have discovered can become a much larger spiritual bank roll when applied without any strings attached. Generosity is motivated out of Love. Perhaps the love to feel better about yourself, the love to make someone else feel better, the love to have fun, the love to see other's have fun. No matter how you slice and dice it...LOVE is at the center of true generosity. It's an action. It's the face of the divine in your smile, your laugh, your handing me a coconut pain killer on the beach while drooling on yourself! Generosity is God's Face in mine and His Grace in my Action!

I recently was the recipient of such an action at the Ocean Club in Columbus, Ohio. Preferring to write in my Moleskine while eating at the bar, I almost forgot how to Endeavor to Engage. Fortunately for me, my bar mate, Jim, started to comment about how he wished he could write in a journal. That began our conversation about the Knights, journaling, life, spirituality, etc. A very pleasant and fun exchange. When Jim left and I returned to my journal, I decided I needed to pay and move on. Well, Jim gave me a lesson in Generosity and had paid for my entire meal and two very expensive glasses of outstanding wine without saying a word! I was humbled and deeply moved.

So...SPREAD THE LOVE and for God's sake His generosity!

Sir Hook "The Generous" of Warrick

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  1. As you give, so shall you receive.
    The Golden Rule.

    An old affirmation: I accept the abundant supply that God is unfailing providing. I give thanks for this abundant good by giving generously of all that I have to give - my time, my talent, my treasure."