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Monday, March 10, 2008

This is A Test of the Freudian Sensory System

OK, maybe I'm just crazy, but I have been deeply puzzled and amused by this painting on the ceiling of my Physical Therapy place. I took this picture while lying on my back with my iPhone to share in this wonder! I call it a Test of the Freudian Sensory System. In it's purest form, as intended by the unsuspecting artist, it's Garfield the Cat. But, upon further inspection, dare I say, first reaction, it becomes much more. What do you see? My honest first impression was a faceless woman who's breasts are smiling at me! The female therapist had never considered this and her first impression afterwards was an uncircumcised penis with smiling balls. Obviously there is some Pussy in this Cat! So, stare at it awhile until you're uncomfortable. Perhaps you'll see a part of you that only exists in the darkness of your own mind?

Sir Hook "the Therapist" of Warrick

1 comment:

  1. Dr. Hook,

    Not that I've ever done or thought of doing this, but...

    I see a very lonely man -- a faceless man -- doing Garfield doggie style. The man appears to be howling at the moon while Garfield seems to be enjoying it.

    Now I'm going to stare at a blank white wall for several hours to try to erase that image from my mind!

    Sir Anon of Anonbriar