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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beer News of the Strange

From the Now For Something Completely Different Department.

While scanning the www for interesting beer news, I clicked on an interesting site:

There you’ll find topics including Popular, Nightlife, Events, Movies, Oddities and… Daily Drink.

This is one site worth bookmarking. For example, here are just a few recent Daily Drink news features:

By Sean Madden

Kid Rock is having one hell of a year. His Detroit Red Wings are looking to capture their second Stanley Cup in a row. He is attending all the games and entertaining fans in the process. Kid has a new album ready to drop in November, and is hitting the road this summer, on a tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd.If that wasn't enough, Kid is making his own beer in the hopes of helping boost the economy of Michigan.

Kid Rock calls the brew "Bad Ass Beer." The rocker takes great pride in the fact it is brewed in his hometown of Michigan, which is helping to create local jobs. All the barley and hops is bought in the good old U.S. of A.

He went on to say it tastes like a good American beer with no bad aftertaste. Kid promises never to sell out to any overseas company from Belgian like other beer companies. They plan on a marketing campaign that will make fun of the beers like Budweiser, St. Pauli Girl and Corona.

Bad Ass Beer will be available by Labor Day.


If you plan on smuggling illegal liquor you may want to watch the way you drive. This advice could have helped two bootleggers in India.

Two men were smuggling the booze from the town of Ahmedabad when their car was struck by a large truck. Within minutes liquor flowed all over the pavement. When police arrived at the accident scene, they found over 100 bottles of the homemade hooch draining from the vehicle. The two were arrested after they were released from the hospital.

In an unrelated story, eight people and 45 other were injured when consuming tainted home liquor. Officials said the it was made with molasses but was contaminated with toxic methanol.

And finally,

Picture this, you are waiting at the grave site of your dearly departed, it is just a sad day. The flowers are there, family and friends have gathered, the minister is ready to say a final prayer, but your loved one is nowhere in sight. No need to worry, the hearse just stopped off for a quick beer.
A hearse driver in Colombia is in deep trouble. Family and friends waited for several hours on a Sunday afternoon for the hearse to arrive with their dearly departed. Turns out the driver thought it was Miller time.

The family had just left the funeral home after the final viewing. They had just paid their last respects and were expecting to meet the body at the grave site. Relatives became concerned after hours had past and decided to alerted local police. The authorities found the hearse parked at a motel near the suburban town of Bogota. Further searches found the driver inside a nearby bar having a few drinks.

The funeral home is at a loss for words. They say nothing like this has ever happened before, and will conduct a full investigation.

Thanks Sean Madden, keep up the great work.

Sir Bowie “copy and paste” of Greenbriar


  1. heh...don't knock the "Cut and paste" of the great new Art Forms of the 21st century,

    ahh Beer news from around the world...the very essence of the KMSA Blog... remember the early days bOys ..we talked of nothing but beer...

    Good to hear the Redwings doing well... One of my most memorable nights out in Detroit in '98 was at a Redwing game...and being Pie-eyed on beer in the upper tiers and waving my giant Foam Finger at the mini-blimp flying around with the Camera on...and of course i then appear in IMX size stupidity on the Screens around the days..

    actually that bit of the blog can go down as only half an hour before i read it... i had just written a postcard from Oxford to my pal in Detroit, who was also from Oxford, ( and who married there and stayed ) and who I worked with on a Magazine called Orbit in Detroit.

    I'd lost touch and his email details had changed, so out of the blue i thought i'd contact him after all these years...

    so lets raise a glass to Spooky connections....happening...

    Sir Dayvd

  2. I see the Spirit is moving amongst the Moleskine and Ale!

    Yes, we use to talk about beer much more than of late; however, it's just the set up for a more interesting when we met at McGrath's.

    Good luck with reconnecting with old friends in Detroit. I used to go there once a year to visit Sir John of the Rangeline and his family when they lived there. I didn't take in any Red Wings games, but did visit Tiger stadium on many occasions for a good baseball game.

    When I first moved to Evansville we had the Triple A affiliate for the Tigers, called the Evansville Triplets. I still have, and wear on occasions, a Detroit Tiger's hat.

    I love Kid Rock's cover of Sweet Home Alabama, so it's a natural to see him tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    As for the hearse driver...he must be nominated for immediate KMSA membership. Once your dead, your dead, but if your alive and thirsty...only a good beer will do! Besides, I always wanted to be late to my own funeral!

    Sir Hook Who Often Copies and Always Gets Pasted of Warrick