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Monday, May 25, 2009

Last and First

Journal Notes
Saturday morning: The last time I write Amy Elizabeth Kuhn (our older daughter).
5 p.m. Saturday afternoon: The first time I write Amy Elizabeth Riley.

Yes, Lady Suzanne and I "married off" our older daughter Saturday.

There were a lot of activities and a lot of words spoken, but I'm sure that most of those things will be forgotten. What will be remembered is how Amy made us all feel: Relaxed, Happy, Jubilation...

Basically, she turned the event into a bubbly and joyous occasion for everyone. In fact, I'm not sure that I've heard so much laughter at a wedding. Below is Amy eating her favorite food: Cake and Mac 'n' Cheese (the caterer said that Mac 'n' cheese was a first; however, after seeing Amy and friends enjoy the less-pretentious food that Amy picked out, they would suggest it again).

Lady Suzanne and I will share a little more as the week goes on, but for now I just wanted to introduce you to Lady Amy and Sir Mark Riley.

Thank you Amy for all the Joy and Laughter and Happiness that you have give all that you meet.

Sir Bowie "Daddy" of Greenbriar


  1. Mac N Cheese...I'm passing that on to Lady Maegan for her wedding...which (no offense Sir B & Lady S) I hope is much longer away!

    Anyway...splendid day...and since the marriage was on my birthday, I'm sure it will be doubly blessed!

    While you were giving away your daughter I was toasting a great Cardinal victory!

    Congratulations to the House of Greenbriar and the new House of Riley!

    Sir Hook the Wedding Crasher of Warrick

  2. lol...Lady Amy has a fan... as I too adore Macaroni Cheese... I tend to make it with steamed florets of cauliflower mixed in with it..


    D of O