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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Signs for the Times

A popular phrase that has been thrown around Evangelical pulpits since I can remember understanding the English language (going on to 52 years on Saturday...trying to catch up Sir Dayvd!)...has been, "The signs of the times." In Evangespeak, that means the end of the world, the second coming of Christ, Armageddon, etc.

Today in my current organized religious calendar, i.e..
.the Catholic is the Feast of the Ascension. It celebrates when Christ was taken up to heaven after completing his mission here on earth. I take this day as a reminder to Ascend past my narrow views and self-inflected mind barriers, and to open my mind and soul to all the wonders of this world. In short to make every day as much as heaven on earth as possible.

Yesterday's blog challenged us to see past what religion pre
sents and to "Ascend" upward towards a true Spirituality. I found this appropriate as I drove the 5+ hour drive home from Central Ohio back to Indiana yesterday. Here are some observations of that trip. Fruits of a sunny day surrounded by silence as I pushed my body at speeds that would have had me burned at the stake just a few centuries ago. But the real catalyst was the following bumper stickers...I call the "Signs for the Times":

I couldn't find the actual sticker that I followed for awhile as I contemplated the person who put this on his car thinking himself smug and cleaver. That one read,
"Annoy a Liberal. Work hard to acquire wealth."

First, thinking for yourself is one of the first tenets of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale...who I would hardly call conservative in nature. Like those who have more liberal views of life and politics can not think for themselves?! PLEASE! Like we don't work hard...we don't own guns (tell that to Sir Bowie with a loaded black powder musket!)...we don't support our troops...(I have a Proud Parent of An Army Soldier sticker on my car). These are all bumper stickers available under the Annoy a Liberal banner: Annoy a Liberal. Buy a gun. Annoy a Liberal. Work hard. Annoy a Liberal. Support Our Troops.

I thought about, "Annoy a Conservative. Agree with him!" (A subject for another blog.) "Annoy a Conservative. Buy him out!" "Annoy a Conservative. Fire him so he has to draw unemployment." Or better yet..."Annoy a Conservative. Lay him off so he can't draw unemployment." But alas, my nature of Unity through Diversity allowed me to finally pass this car, person and image with a smile and chuckle.

After reading Sir Davyd's Blog on the road, I came across this bumper sticker. I find it cleaver, and perhaps...without claiming to know the mind of God lik
e so many others...probably close to what religion should be.

Religious nuts give organized religions a bad name. Picture yourself as God...a religious nut is like the family member we all have that you have to tolerate
on Christmas. Religious nuts occupy Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Republican Party....and the list goes on. However, religious nuts do not give one the right to say that all religious and spiritual people are hypocrites. That religion and spirituality do not have a place in today's society. That is a cop out. All great religions and spiritual disciplines teach how to "Ascend" past our limitations and tap into the limitless power of God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it. I still stand by my comment yesterday that true authority is given to those who serve others. It's what my Grandfather would say, "It's better to live what you should preach, instead of preaching what you should be living." That is authentic authority through spirituality...which bears fruit for the whole world.

So today, crack the nuts and enjoy the fruit of your spirituality...however you wish to express it...and Ascend toward a better you!

Again...Happy Birthday to Sir Davyd today and to this humble errant knight on Saturday!

Sir Hook the Sage with Age of Warrick


  1. I used to have liberal bumper stickers pasted - well - liberally all over the back of my car. The hubs still does. I used to get flipped off all the time. Happened to him for the first time this week.

    Lady T. who is straight but not narrow, who likes your Christ but not your Christians - they are so unlike your Christ, who sees no reason why we can't coexist...

  2. Thank you Lady T for your insightful comments. To know the true Christ is to love everyone. We are all stars in the cosmic dust of time. Coexist is more than a saying or bumper's the way to embrace the Spirit of Truth we all posses...and hopefully one day we will all learn to share!

    Sir Hook the Coexisting Guru of Warrick

  3. Yeah Hooky....Happy Birthday for Saturday Cubby... Thankfully every dog has his day each year...and the 23rd is yours..:)) I'm sure the Knob Tavern has ordered in a special Keg of English Ale for you to wrap yourself round...LOL... If you enjoy yours as much as i did mine... you'll have a whale of a time...

    And for anybody looking in on me and Hooky sparring on the blogs and comments... Don't worry we are just a couple of Boy Knights playing with our wooden swords, and really we are happy to let the other think what the hell he likes.....this is why we enjoy the KMSA so much.. Actually ( and here i am speaking for Hooky out of turn....) we both doff our visors to Our great friend Bowster.. Who is more British in his nature than even Keeping his quiet contemplative counsul on the whole thing.. and yes I know B...Change does come from within....and its probably why as a Brit I tilt at robed windmills.

    Also remember I'm the kind of boy who likes to take bones off dogs to make them growl...even tho i usually end up getting

    Also the FF invasion force of this next July, should be aware...that in this island right now there is revolution in the air... The recession, has thrown a spotlight onto the great divide of the haves and have nots...and the "haves for no decernable effort " ie: the parlimentry and religious and banking establishment have lost their Moral high ground badly and the whole island is baying for change. I kid you not.

    These are defining times here..but i note they are not getting any coverage in the USA..

    Its partly to do with the British National Character and the fact it is now at the Peter Finch in Network tipping point... We are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

    The Parilmentry expenses row has seen the meltdown of our equilvilent of Congress. The whole country is in uproar...and believe me that takes some doing here as most brits couldn't give a toss about anything beyond the end of their front yard.
    We have taken the Illegal War on the chin...the ten years of Blair Spin...and now we have an unelected Prime Minister, and the Expenses Row in Parliment is the final straw and the whole thing has kicked off.

    ( basically the MP's ...our congressmen.. have been using our tax payers money for incredible diverse personal ends.. all supposedly under the umbrella of rules they themselves made up. It has been theft on a grand grand scale, and they are all apologisng and desperately trying to give the money back they robbed, and pretend it never happened...but this time they have screwed up, big time. The whole system has collapsed and the Speaker of the House has been fired as only the start. This is the first time in 300 years this has been done..( before that they were beheaded... which personally if they brought that back would help bring them all back into line )

    Anyway... it must be remember it was a Brit band also who coined song "Stairway to Heaven"... which captures the national character here perfectly... We Queue on the stairway to heaven...,( stand in line in US Speak) with a passion...we don't push in the line.( no cutting in in US speak ).. we start a fight if there is any preferrential treatment.. .. There is NOone , who Buys, promotes, or elevates themselves on the Stairway to Heaven.. Everyone, robed or desitute is equal on the Stairway to Heaven...LOL...

    Sir Dayvd ( who will be at the front of the mob storming the parliment at westminster ) of Oxfordshire

  4. Good to hear you're still alive and not a Water Rat who drowned in his own beer! Happy post birthday and the beginning of an interesting 54th year!

    Well said, my mate in crime...we enjoy a good the Knights of Old! I dare say, that the KMSA is one of the few truly democratic organizations left...where all are welcome to share ideas without the fear of judgment...but of course, we may have to make a comment or two! LOL!

    Actually, I've been following the British Politics on my iPhone. You're's not in the main media over hear...but USA Today on their iPhone app is covering it daily.

    Just read two days ago about the Speaker of the House of Commons who resigned abruptly. Hadn't been done since 1625 I think! I say power, like authority (which usually go hand in hand),is not a right, but is a given privilege.

    Those in power are only in power because we give them power. I believe in England you are getting ready to have what we call here in the States, "A come to Jesus meeting." Not meaning turning religious...but having to come clean and take the licks you deserve.

    As another old saying goes, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", the British people have a right to be "Mad as Hell"!

    Hell, I'll join you at Parliament in July...sounds like fun! My daughter Maegan got to be in London during the Parties on the Tube for the last night of drinking in public...perhaps we'll be able to witness a good old fashion British beheading! LOL! In all seriousness, I know that the Brits will get their house back in order.

    As to my birthday...Lady Allwinky and I are heading to St. Louis to catch the Cardinal's tonight, fresh off three game sweep of the Cubs, some hotel and birthday sex, good Italian food on the Hill and some live Blues music at Beale Street on Broadway over the weekend!

    Cheers and Cheerio!

    Sir Hook Who is Still 51 for 24 Hours of Warrick