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Friday, May 22, 2009

Sir Hook's Traveling Medicine Show: The Ever Shrinking World

Feeling of late more like a Bedouin Nomad than a Hoosier Homebody...Sir Hook's Traveling Medicine Show recently invaded the Columbus, Ohio area for a week of pillage, plunder and fun!

This ever shrinking world brings us so many opportunities to expand our minds, our bodies, our souls, and our musical tastes. That became evident a week ago today when I visited Skully's Music Diner on High Street. First, it was not recommended to me by a local, or a google search, but by Sir Dayvd all the way from Oxford, England! He knows some bands that have played the venue and recommended I check it out. So, being the good mate I am...I did! I wasn't disappointed.

Walking into the lounge area, you're greeted by a leopard skin bar...shimmering red in the glow of dim lighting like a bordello in New Orleans...not that I would know anything about that! LOL!

I was a few days shy of seeing the band Asobi Seksu, which Sir D said to catch; however, after looking up who was playing I was pleasantly surprised by hearing the music online of the headliner of the evening...Jared Mahone. But first, I had the pleasure of wading through the musical waves of the following band...

The Floorwalkers...a Columbus favorite...who plays Ruby Tuesday's (Not the restaurant) every Wednesday night, opened up for Jared. Their name is appropriate, because I was FLOORED! This band is just a good manager, producer and some backing cash away from real stardom! They play original music that is an Alchemist Blend of funk, rock, pop and good old fashioned woop ass!

I bought their CD for $5, which was a huge disappointment...because like so many bands once they get to the studio (I know because I speak from experience about the following), they either over think the experience, follow blindly bad producing, or in this case, just forgot to translate who the hell they are when they are on stage. Like I said, just a good manager and producer away! I pray they decide to follow their gut!

Contrast that with the headliner, Jared Mahone, also from Columbus, and you have someone who looks like a school boy, but turns into a musical dynamo with his band of characters who ROCK! Jared's music I would compare with Gavin Degraw with a harder edge and more cleaver arrangements...blending funk, soul and a groovy rock n roll! A truly awesome artist...I believe he's ready to make a move. His music, available on iTunes, sounds great on CD and even better live!

One of the more interesting sounds of Jared's music is the use of good old fashioned analog synthesiser as filler and sometimes as lead. The Wizard of the Knobs is named Jeffro...and he is not only an accomplished electronic conductor...but a one man show in himself!

Columbus is a very interesting Mid West City. Best know for Buckeye Football, the creativity and vibe is more in line with Chicago, it's bigger Mid West sister. There's a musical, art and performance Renaissance going on in the middle of the country here. It even translates to its advertising...captured above with an actual Mini Cooper attached to a billboard road, attached to one of the parking garages at Easton Towne Center. I took this for Sir D, who's signs hang all over England.

The Apple Store is located at Easton, where I bone up monthly on what's new in the Mac world and drop way too much of my hard earned booty! This is their new "App for Everything" display in their main window. Of course, Sir Hook is cleverly placed inside the iPhone!

Another blossoming area of Columbus is just outside of Westerville in an area called Polaris. I have begun to stay more in this area of late, because it is more centrally located to my various clients. Located there is the Cincinnati based "The Pub". Their newest flag is as close to England as you can get in the Mid West. Sir D still likes to laugh at its vain attempt of is better than a McDonald's on Charring Cross! Besides...they have Old Speckled Hen on draft!

Proving that the world is indeed shrinking...I introduce our newest Lady of the Knights...Lady Sam I Am. Lady Sam is full of live and will be graduating in theater very soon. She is also a cousin to someone I know well here in Evansville! We didn't know that until later in the conversation. For her young age, Lady Sam knows a lot about music and we enjoyed talking beer, music, art, literature, movies and plays...which makes her more than qualified to be part of our Merry Band!

Just up the road in Delaware, where another client is based, is one of several local Pubs called "Old Bag of Nails". This is my favorite, due to its outside bar area, which faces the Main St. of the town. It was a beautiful 74 degree afternoon, post meeting, beer inviting day!

Finally, as our State song says, "Back Home Again in Indiana". Sir Hook's Traveling Medicine Show is only making a 2-Day Home Stand before refueling physically and mentally for a wild birthday weekend in St. Louis!

Sir D designed this special rendition of the Wells Coat of Arms, with the Albert Pujols looking Cardinal at the top. He designed it to honor my father, who pitched for the Cardinals, and my family tradition of a monthly road trip to catch the games in the Cardinal Club at Bush Stadium.

Tonight they take on the Royals across the Missouri State in inner league play. Tomorrow, Italian food on the Hill and Blues downtown!

Next...Nashville...2 Trips to Columbus, Chicago and England the whole month of July!

Life keeps getting better...May you enjoy yours as much!

Sir Hook Who is Still 51 for 24 Hours of Warrick


  1. Kind of surreal to see my own town talked up in a travel post! I'm headed to the Old Bag of Nails for martini club next Thursday and I know Skully's as well. Easton? Fuggedaboudit.

    Lady T. who hopes to be able to catch up with you on the next trip - of Columbus

  2. Great tour round Colombus there Hooks...looks a colorful and warm place...Tam

    Hey i daren't knock The Pub too actually i'm starting to think the American English pubs are making more of an effort to sell British beer than the UK pubs are.

    In the City's here there is gradually nothing more than Lager and to make corporate rubbish. Outside the citys its not so bad. Tip: in London try and find the oldest back street pubs you can find they still have the proper beer on tap.

    Spot on about the Bands in studios....i have lost count over the tears of bands who can't translate the live sound to the CD... in General i rarely buy CD's at the concert till i have at least heard the Myspace site, which usually has the same tracks.. then i order offline. Dearer maybe but it does avoid that sickening disappointment.

    Like the sound of the Funk Rock ?... heh..there was a fine Funk Rock band on the card playing at the Rats the other night, that you might be interested in Hooks...

    Mean Poppa Lean. go to their myspace :

    the title track, and the track called "Hot times how hot" are good examples of their sound.. sort of Chilli Peppers with James Brown singing... LOL

    Oh yeah BTW Bowie and Suzanne...have a Great Wedding and i hope the weather is sunny and warm and that it all goes to plan... Look forward to the blog of Bowie in a suit..:))

    Sir Dayvd ( taking it to the bridge ) of Oxfordshire

  3. Awesome blog, Sir Hook. Can't wait to share some of the travels with you in the coming months!

    Happy Birthday!

    Sir Bowie "off to marry off a daughter" of Greenbriar