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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Knights and Ladies of the KMSA are often encourage to think spiritually... ...and i got to thinking, in a break between the grind of the rat race this afternoon...... on this the last day of my 53rd year..

How do get to have a gig like the Dalai lama??.. or the Pope?...or even Jesus.? . I mean you get to slack around your well appointed house all loose fitting robes.. You get well looked after by everyone...sponge off your disciples... you don't have to lift heavy things or meet mortgage payments, fill in tax forms, scratch around the economy food aisle in the Hypermart...

You get Free travel, Free Hotels. Free Medical, Free dental..... and all for being what ??? Beatific?? Holy ...say a few prayers over people... I could do that..!! Come on you knights founding fathers I could come over to your houses and be as Beatific as you like ... I could do it for years..... As I said to Hooky the other day...I have as much authority as the Pope but not as many people who believe it.

No... something tells me , that if I sold all my belongings and started wearing robes and grew a long beard and hair ( with a bald spot which I'd cover up with a tall hat ) and started hanging out at my friends houses saying I was a messenger from God... I wouldn't find a very Holy attitude in return.

That said..I probably wouldn't be able to hang out at the bar and have a few there are some perks to being a Pleb. Still it would be fun to try a dog-collar out and see if I make any money..

Sir Dayvd ( who is as Spiritual as you can be...But with big Bills to pay and is really being ironic ) of Oxfordshire


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dayvd lama!

    One of the things that always surprises me is that anyone can be elected Pope. I don't think you even have to be Catholic. So, there is hope for all of us to wear the big hat.

    Sir Bowie "change comes from within; here is the mustard" of Greenbriar

  2. "I have as much authority as the Pope but not as many people who believe it."


    Happy Birthday, Your Holiness!

    Lady T.

  3. welcome to being one year older,
    who knows where life is leading you?

    what kind of hat is in your future?

    Lady S

  4. A big floppy hat Like get someone to wear it on "Entertainment Tonight" and they could be all the rage..:))

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes for tomorrow. 21st, I'll be in London tomorrow afternoon and evening...and a lot of my friends are homing in to the Water Rats Pub in Kings Cross London... to help me wet my whistle.

    actually the Water Rats is a theatre venue and is the home of the Brotherhood of the Water rats, a kind of KMSA thing run by the entertainment stars of the UK..

    its a legendry Venue where typically Bob Dylan played his first gig in the UK in 1963

    Looking forward to it... woohoo

    Sir dayvd ( who should work harder and not have so much fun as he does ) of Oxfordshire

  5. I already tried getting paid for relgious teachings. Didn't work! Once was a licensed Baptist minister before Lady Allwinky ran me through the Catholitic Conveter!

    Tried spewing forth spiritual wisdom with long flowing hair and Neru jackets in college. Didn't work!

    Now trying to spread the KMSA Gospel. Seems to be working better so far!

    Sir D...I'm afraid if you tried to wear a white robe and a pointy hat they would either think you a member of the KKK, a Druid Priest or a Middle Earth Wizard!

    Happy Birthday wiley water rat!

    Sir Hook Who Has Touched a Pope But Still Retains His Own Authority of Warrick

  6. Extra info for Sir Bowie. You don't have to be a Cardinal to be a Pope, but you do have to be a Catholic. But since you are still recognized by the Church with your Baptism and still have a shot! You get my vote, white smoke and all!

    Sir Hook the Cardinal (fan) of Warrick

  7. not the being paid that is the draw... more the not having to Spend... the freeloading and the mooching for not actually doing anything particular... that is available, just cos people are deferential to the robes and the holyness of it all lol.. great Scam..

    Anyway, Thanks for the Birthday Wish there Hooky... I'll raise a glass to you all in the Water Rats. Any place that has had the likes of Charlie Chaplin in it and Laurel and Hardy.. does me..:)

    I like that the Water Ratters, finally went for the name for their charity because Rats backwards is STAR...and also a water rat is really a Vole and that is an anagram of LOVE.......awwww

    Sir Dayvd ( the generous moocher ) of Oxfordshire..

  8. Remember...we all are the keepers of our own authority...but we really only have as much authority as is given to us by others!

    The President of the United States only has authority because it is given to him...same with the Pope...or anyone else for that matter.

    I believe that the true spiritual leader is given authority through his service to others!

    Sir Hook Who Respects His "Authoriti" Because of South Park Who Happens to Live in Warrick

  9. lol... yeah thats what they'd like you to believe... over here we call that the old switcheroo...

    anyway the whole thing wears me out... just been sat up in bed reading an article about the Irish horrors that came out today...

    and that after another article in the washington post... a newspaper Lee sends me.. about. the several thousand dying every day in Africa of Aids.. ..cos they arent allowed to used condoms... i'm sure that can't be right.. heck who knows...

    still i like the KMSA motto: "we are sovereign rulers of our own lives.." we all know whats best for ourselves...and that'll do me..

    Sir D ( whose clock on the wall says he's now 54. yikes ) lol of O

  10. I'll just add my happy birthday wishes.

    Sir James Silent Contemplation of Taylor


    A priest a rabbi and a Baptist minister walk into a bar.

    The bartenders says, "Is this some kind of a joke?"

  11. I've always read that the requirement of baptism is negotiable, although, according to source: once a man accepts election to the papacy, he must be willing to be baptized, ordained a priest and consecrated bishop of Rome (and meet the qualifications of those positions).

    At any rate, I don't think you'll be seeing me up there anytime soon. Though, there are some changes I'd love to suggest!

    Sir Bowie "a big poop, but not a pope" of Greenbriar