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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It Takes Two to Dance the Cosmic Tango

First, I beg your indulgence as I try to articulate the thoughts that have been charging the electrons and protons in my share why I believe it's essential that "It Takes Two to Dance the Cosmic Tango!"

It's really been part of my spirituality and humanity (it takes two) for a long time; however, it came to clarity while I recently took in the movie "Angels and Demons" where the scientific principles of matter and anti-matter, opposite forces of creation (it takes two), played a major plot in the story. Aside from the age old argument of science and religion (it takes two), which I believe must coexist...not to mention faith and reason (it takes two), which sometimes are the same as science and religion and sometimes becomes obvious that "It Takes Two to Dance the Cosmic Tango!"

The Yin and Yang of life forms the creation of a whole creature. Good and evil cannot exist without the other. Angels and demons cannot exist without each other. God and humanity cannot exist without each other. Heaven and Hell cannot exist without each other...for the one gives meaning, and therefore existence to the other. It is only through embracing both parts that we become the whole creation we are capable of becoming.

Having had the privilege to see the restored paintings of the Sistine Chapel in 2000...the classic center piece is the scene of man and God reaching out to each other. You could easily say its the power of the universe and the living creatures it creates reaching out to each other. Whatever you call cannot ignore that man at his most primitive form found the need to express himself spiritually and to reach towards the Great Spirit. I dare say that we cannot know how much the Great Spirit desired to reach towards and connect with us. The two need each other to exist.

When matter and anti-matter connect they create a reaction that scientist call "annihilation". It forms a great light as they consume each other. The bi-product is X-Rays...a technology that we use to see beyond the surface of things.

When the human and the divine touch they create "annihilation" and a great light goes off. We are able to see beyond the surface of things. This is a great grace and gift.

I believe this what the mystics call ecstasy, when the very source of life impregnates us.

I am called to be fully human and fully divine. That is why I choose Christ as my model. However, the religious and non-religious have distorted what this really means. The ultra religious only stress the divinity of Christ and our unworthiness. The non-religious only stress the humanity we share and not the divinity that we are meant to attain. However, the truth lies in the ability to embrace both potentials to their fullest.

Energy cannot be destroyed. This scientific fact alone means that there is some form of life after our death. Our life force cannot be destroyed. What that really means I cannot know, nor do I really care. Because, while I'm here in human form I am called to embrace humanity at its fullest. It is not a sin to embrace humanity in all its glorious variety.

So, where does this lead us? To the middle. To exist we must coexist. Embrace both forms, whatever they may be, and reach the common middle ground. It is the reaching out, stretching ourselves, that we meet the "annihilation" of creation in the middle.

The danger we face is our need to protect ourselves, our beliefs...even when we profess not to believe in anything. This became apparent to me while watching Bill Maher the other night. I enjoy his show, especially his ribbing of the Bush administration in its later days. I also enjoy his ribbing of the obvious flaws in organized religion. Bill, however, is just as evangelical about his non-religious beliefs as those he accuses of pushing their agenda on him. He condemned the use of coexist bumper stickers as naive bunk and something that is not possible to obtain. Of course this filps in the face of the KMSA.

All of the sudden, Bill believes that an Obama administration gives him a carte blanche platform.
I'm not sure what he's afraid of...but he is afraid. So is Rush Limbaugh...who ironically used Thomas Jefferson to support his right wing agenda the other day. Obviously Rush is not a history buff.

It's time for the radical left and the radical right to stretch towards each other and put away their fear. After all...they could make beautiful dance partners, because it's a scientific and natural fact that opposites attract!

Sir Hook the Cosmic Tango Dancer of Warrick


  1. I'm sure I agree with a lot of this...and not with some of it...and I'm sure I need more coffee to drink while I re-read and decide which is which

    Last night was a gathering of the Eclectic Eight and we discussed some of these same ideas...along with pitchers of Raspberry Martinis...always helps with making profound thinkers

    Keep thinking, keep writing, keep growing and learning until the spark that is "us" is released from this orbit and into the greater universe

    Lady S,
    who will get to see her daughter and her HUSBAND tonight when they return from Maderia Beach

  2. I guess you can say that the middle is neither here nor there (Here and There are two parts of the whole). So, there are are really three elements: Here, There, and that which is neither here nor there -- but which must exist for here and there to exist (Conversation With God talk).

    It is the nothing which holds everything. It is the non-space which holds the space. It is the whole which holds the parts...

    It's, it's, way too much for me to comprehend. I believe that God is ALL THAT IS. That means God is here, there, and nowhere (add a space to that and you get now here).

    Sir Bowie "stopping while he's behind" of Greenbriar

  3. LOL... in the race to say the same thing Sir Bowies comment has just popped up on my so i have just deleted all mine and started this one... Nice one B...

    All i'll say is Jesus would be unknown without Judas.. lol The Children of Light need the Children of darkness..or they would be bored stiff...and of course the greatest light creates the greatest shade.

    Well written Blog tho Hooky...and i will be ruminating on it later , perhaps over another beer...

    On an artistic front.. I couldn't help noticing when I was stood under Michelangelos masterpiece, wand getting a crick in my neck....that he'd screwed painting an Adam's apple on Adam. Doh!

    Sir Dayvd ( who's Soccer Club has just won the FA Cup Final...( your superbowl ) ,...for the fifth time...woohoo...and also I have just won $140 in an online bet over the next Goal scorer, at odds of 7 to 1.....Nice one ) of Oxfordshire