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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The English Councils

That's right...The English Councils...not to be confused with the English Channel, which by the way, we did not cross on this trip.

Yeah Baby! The House of Warrick & Greenbriar captured by Sir Dayvd at Carnaby Street in London...where the swinging 60's a la Austin Powers was happening!

Not only did we eat, drink, think and be merry on our way through England (and did we was like Sherman marching through Atlanta on his way to the sea!)...we also took the rare opportunity to have some face to face...mano y mano...brainstorming Founding Father's time with me...Sir Hook of Warrick, Sir Bowie of Greenbriar and Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire. The results were three Councils...and here's the highlights:

Sir Hook & Sir Bowie share a Dungeon KMSA Toast at the Carpenter's Arms in Windsor

The Council of Hyde Park - It was decided that we need to have more of our fellow Knights and Ladies join the blog as writers. Not only are the Founding Father's brains being taxed beyond measure in coming up with new and interesting posts daily...but in the Spirit of Unity through Diversity...we feel that some fresh perspectives would enhance our merry clan. We have begun to invite members to write, of which many have already accepted and a few have participated. If you are an avid reader of our blog and wish to share your thoughts and ideas, please give us your email address by commenting to this blog and we will add you to our author list. Remember one of our most important tenants...we are free to create without judgement!

The Founding Father's at the Black Lion on Bayswater in London

The Council of Oxfordshire - Realizing the great wealth of ideas and writings in our archives...and the need to spread the message of was decided that each Founding Father will compile a list of at least 10 of their best blogs. After compilation, we will review them and begin the process of writing and editing a book for publishing. What better place to have such a discussion than in the place where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien wrote?

The new Inklings at the Eagle and Child in Oxford

Philosophers of Morality at one of the Colleges in Oxford

Harriet at the King's Arms in Oxford

The Council of Somerset - It was here that we where challenged and lived up to our motto of Unity through Diversity, Freedom of Judgement and to Endeavor to Engage. This became very clear with our experience in Frome. During this Council we decided that the British side of our Society needs to expand its membership and participation with their brothers across the pond. We also decided to revive interest in simple Pub games back in the States, with the potential to market KMSA brand Pub Games.

The now famous photo at the Lamb & Fountain in Frome, Somerset

James at the Woolpack, KMSA Central in Beckington, Somerset

So there you have it...once true Knights...we have raised the bar and challenged ourselves to live to our fullest potential. Will you join us?

Sir Hook, Sir Dayvd & Sir Bowie saying their farewells on the last night in London


  1. I'm hoping to write something this weekend.

    I love all of these ideas! What productive councils!

    Lady T.(who must wait for the weekend to have something about which to write and is hoping for blue skies!)of Pickerington

  2. Why is a Knight like a writing desk?

    Oh, so sorry. That was from yesterday.

    Oh, speaking of that. Why is a raven like a writing desk? It seems that a lot of people have weighed in on that riddle over the years, including one of the greatest American Puzzle Makers: Samuel Loyd. A couple of answers:

    "Because Poe wrote on both." Loyd.

    Aldous Huxley offered two (nonsensical) answers in Vanity Fair (September 1928): "because there's a B in both, and there's an N in neither." This was expanded with: "because each begins with E."

    "Because it slopes with a flap." (Cyril Pearson)

    In THE SHINING, chapter 39, Stephen King proposed: "The higher the fewer, of course!" "One might communicate with the dead through either." Automatic writing is used to communicate with the dead, and ravens are symbolically associated as messengers between the living and the dead.

    Yet another suggestion: "Both have inky quills."

    As far as my best top 10? Those who read my blogs would most likely say, "Obviously, his next 10!"

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  3. Well that pretty well covered the sensible portions of the councils ..and apart from the English Klutz being propped up in most of the pictures i'd say that was a very fine blog...

    Now you've written it in stone lets see how much of that we do by the next council meeting lol...

    Heidi? I have Harriet written in my moleskine Phone book... heh..

    Sir Dayvd ( who hasn't decided if he is a Putz or a klutz when it comes to being in photos ....he hates it dear readers )
    of Lovely Lovely Lovely Oxford