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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Past Haunting the Now: The Melancholy Journey of a Midwestern Troubadour

As I traveled yesterday through the River valleys of Southern Indiana, Northwestern Kentucky and Southern Ohio I was reminded of the similarities of the landscape to Somerset in England. Listening to the CD that Sir Dayvd gave me of the Oxford band, Red Ox, I was thrown back into a melancholy journey through time. The past is haunting the now, as I view my world through a new set of lenses.

I had no trouble remembering to drive on the "Right" side of the road; however, I did catch myself reaching for the Diesel pump as I stopped to fill up my car. Leaving the gas "petrol" station I once again directed my metal steed towards the north lands of central Ohio. As the rolling hills gave way to the flatter fields I became aware of how much bigger things are here than in England. Bigger roads, bigger homes, bigger rivers...but are our hearts and minds bigger?

Taking a back road into Delaware, Ohio for a meeting I missed the narrow lanes through stone clad villages...that feeling of history touching your very soul in the now. Sterile clap board farm houses now speckled the road I travel...telling their own story of a new land tamed by man.

Last night I would normally go to the "Pub" in Polaris; however, I could not bare to experience the American version of England...preferring to remain in my Melancholy state, where art and living create! I headed for a smaller neighborhood bar called the Rusty Bucket Corner Tavern, where I engaged in local conversation, good beer and food. I felt at home and satisfied!

I woke up this morning in a Hilton, and for a brief moment I thought I was back in London. The truth is, I am. I am waiting for my spirit to catch up to my body. I'm living in a separate reality, listening to the Smith's, watching the gentle rain falling on a perfect English morning in Ohio.

Sir Hook the Melancholy Troubadour of Warrick (Who is Learning How to "Kill Your Speed")


  1. awww poor old Hooks. feel for ya Bud.

    Like I said....I've long thought, when travelling such distances so fast by jet...that your Spirit is attached to you by some kind of elastic and some how follows you home at its own speed and not at jet speed.

    You'll wake up one day in the middle of next week, feeling surprisingly fresh and whole when it catches up with you while you sleep....:))
    Its the week after I come back from my trips to the USA that i suffer most... not the goodbyes etc but as if i have left my spirit behind.

    Glad you noted too the size of the landscapes.. when i return here, i have a few days also of a claustrophobia, as if everything is crowding in on me, after the wide open spaces of America.

    You know only too well how close the trees are to the edge of the road here....we're talking right on

    Is that Pic on the Blog Ohio?? or one of Somerset?? Ohio sounds great. The scenery in the States is often sooo you say its the square houses that look bolted onto it...where here the houses look like some organic or geological structure standing naturally in place.

    Anyway Bud...the Old Country will be here waiting for you to start saving those Cents up. Should give you, motivation to get out there and sell sell sell.. lol...

    Sir Dayvd. ( go out and have a Beer in The Pub tonight for me ) of oxfordshire.

  2. Both pics are from Beckington in Somerset, just down the road from the Woolpack Inn. Driving back home as we write this. Something I can do here in the wide open States! I would have been a goner by now on your roads...and you'd be having a boat load of freakin' kittens!

    Sir Hook the Cat's Meow of Warrick

  3. lol....Blogging while YOU drive!!! .. Bugger the kittens...i'd be taking my chances with leaping out of the car.

    Sir D( who has to grip the wheel and stare out of the windscreen to drive in the UK ) of Oxfordshire

  4. The spirit of unity!

    "Scrooge took his melancholy dinner in his usual melancholy tavern..."

    We're off to Owensboro, KY today and then spend the night at Lake Lynnville. Hopefully the rain will pass on through and we can get out and paddle a canoe on quiet waters (no swans, but plenty of Canadian Geese -- I will list to hear if they, too, cry "silence!").

    We spent part of the day yesterday going through mountains of brochures and organizing them into days. We certainly did a lot of living in a short amount of time.

    FYI: Lucy, who smashed my glasses and stole my sun glasses, also broke my camera on the final days of the trip. Fortunately, she was gracious enough to repair it when we returned to the States. Yes, I fiddled with it and it powered up. Strange, but lovely. So, I now have photos. No worries.

    Sir Bowie

  5. I'm thinking we've all left some of ourselves in England...have to go back and add more experiences!

    saving our pences and trying to work off the pounds (lbs.) from all the potatoes and bread and butter and ales - every one well worth it!

    and Lynnville has the Old Fox tavern...silence! I kill you!

    off to God's Country for the day to meet with Sir Lance

    Lady S

  6. We must find out more about Lucy the Ghost. you didn't happen to get her name did you?...
    On the Tuesday before you left My camera too had the same problem and i thought i'd lost all my Wells Photos, but it too cured itself when i got it back home and put the card into the computer. Phew!
    That and my TV mysteriously switiching itself on here one night and i'm beginning to think 'Lucy' is teaching me a lesson for smiling at your story.


    Have a great time on the Lake and don't go up any creeks without a paddle.

    Sir Dayvd ( who's really a ghost ) of Spooky Oxford town