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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Airborne Toxic Event: Not What You Might Expect!

Talk about the Cosmic marriage of a name and recent events...the best in Madison Avenue, London and Paris couldn't have come up with this marketing campaign! The Airborne Toxic Event is an up and coming LA band, who I'm sure a few years ago sitting around in an apartment somewhere in Van Nuys didn't think about the Swine Flu when they settled on their name.

Last weeks Starbuck's Pick of the Week for a free download on iTunes...just the name warranted a listen in light of recent "blown-out-of-proportion" news of airborne viruses running amok like the sex crazed boy scouts in Woody Allen's "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Was Afraid to Ask".

Check them out at

Or, if you're around a Starbuck's today, stop in for the free download card...Or, if you're Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire, you can catch them live tonight at Koko's in London...lucky Knight!

"I thought I done seen everything until I saw pigs fly!" The above illustration captures the absurdity of the panic that is surrounding the Swine Flu...Pig Fever...Pork Dork...

Dressed to the "Nines" for its Premiere on the World stage...the flying Swine Whore of I'm sure she's being discussed as a sign of the "end times" in the backwoods churches of West Virginia...her pompous ass is better suited on my plate with some Bar B Que Sauce than on my TV screen in the news!

Of course, seeing Alfred E. Newman (One of Sir Bowie's favorites) and Groucho Marx (One of my favorites) displayed as fish swimming in the Swine Tide denotes this sentiment exactly.

Which led me to think of the Marx brothers and the honking Harpo Marx! Originally named Adolph by his parents...he quickly realized that changing his real name to Arthur and stage name to Harpo (sense he played one) would take him further than the Third Reich in marketing his talents! So, we begin with marketing and end with the above ad for Smirnoff Vodka, which appeared in Life Magazine in 1961.

Harpo states, "When I honk for vodka, I expect Smirnoff!" Well said Harpo. Today's senseless headlines and human lemmings can easily be handled with a good stiff drink! After all, when I honk for Swine...I expect Bar B Que!

Sir Hook the Swineless Mind of Warrick


  1. I expect Bar B Que as well! Well said!

    Lady Tammy who is tired of all the silliness

  2. Someone once said that we'd have a black man as president when pigs fly.
    Now we have Swine Flew!

    Sir, Sir... no, I'm not going to sign this one!