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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Derby Day!

First Saturday in May has always equaled Derby Party at my parents' house.

Not only is it the biggest horse race (to this Kentucky girl) but also celebrating my mother's birthday. Growing up we had a house full of people, a ton of food, and many glasses filled with mint juleps (not actually that tasty, but a starter before the real bourbon flowed!)

Today will be a smaller party, but the rest remains traditional fare.

Our psych major daughter, Lady Amy, has "Advice" as her pick

Sir Bowie has "Friesan Fire" to win, "Dunkirk" to place, and "Musket Man" to show

my picks "Summer Bird", "Desert Party" and "Join the Dance"
However, haven't chosen the order yet.

I have a very unscientific method of choosing:
name, color of horse, color of silks, trainer, jockey

A couple of years Lady Amy played in the U of L band and played "My Old Kentucky Home" - a sure way to bring tears to my eyes as she played - she even played for the Queen!

This year Lady LucyAnne has been at Churchill as she is a volunteer teacher/librarian on the "backside" working with the jockeys and barn staff who come from other countries and want to learn to speak and read English. So she is experiencing Derby from a unique vantage point.

and we are heading to Kentucky soon - bbq mutton, bourbon and Derby Pie await!

Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar
humming "weep no more my lady..."


  1. I also have one more pick for the winner; however, I'm not revealing until after the race!

    Sir Bowie "my picks usually end up glue" of Greenbriar

  2. Good strategies House of Greenbriar! I was thinking about applying the Hooky Natural Selection Poll to the Derby this year, but alas, my horse turned into an ass after partying too much last night!

    Just now greeting the day...or night...whichever it is!

    Sir Hook the Drunken Derby Dan of Warrick

  3. late night report - luckily we draw from the pot as we put money in the pot - Sir Bowie was the big money winner!
    and mint juleps were enjoyed ; )

    Lady Suzanne