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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Also, International Disturbed Persons Day!

The House of Warrick invites you to dance your way into Cinco de Mayo....but also to celebrate International Disturbed Persons Day! What a coincidence that one of the Sacred Feast Days of KMSA is also a day to celebrate disturbed persons! Surely, they're not talking about me?! Enjoy the dance below...

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...and make sure that you keep your thumbs out of the mouths of disturbed fruit today! Especially the limes you're going to put into your Cerveza Muy Frio!

Via Con Dios!

Sir Hook the Don of Warrick


  1. You and the Mrs. are fine dancers indeed!

    No cerveza for me (muy frio or otherwise) - it's gonna be a strictly tequila sort of night.

    Lady Tammy of the future hangover

  2. sometimes this blog is the making of bad dreams - where do you find the visuals to haunt us?
    and turn us away from healthy apples??
    (guess the apple got tired of us taking a bite out of him!)

    Today is also my mother's 79th birthday so everyone say:
    Happy Birthday Betty : )

    Lady Suzanne of Greenbriar

    who celebrated life with Lady Allwinky last night and is off to celebrate 5/5 with the Bar Bunch tonight
    I believe tomorrow I'll be celebrating the state of the union with Sir Bowie!