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Sunday, May 3, 2009

May the 4th, be with you...

One of the evident joys of the knighthood is that we are all out there in our separate parishes, despite the recession and swine flu, celebrating our lives and chuckling our hearts out, each in our Unique ways; be it picking winners in Kentucky...Rolling in the free world in Nashville...or for my part scooching round the Isle of England, at the start of the summer bacchanalia, with what the English call the May Bank Holiday.

Actually...we don't really need to have it made official, Nature does that for every year at this time (thankfully) England goes from being chilly, grey and brown, to a verdancy of greenery and flowers that hurts the eyes. Hedgerows bustle..Birds go nuts...and the Sap is obviously rising. May is always my favourite month in England, not only because it contains my Birthday...but for its freshness and life and the displays of un-English behavior everywhere.

This year it has also more reasons to celebrate for me it includes 10 years up of my Graphic Company...and 25 years up...writing and promoting and managing in the music industry. So the chance to party and renew old friendships, from those various years...pop up more frequently than I can handle.

We got off to a rolling start with My Father's own celebration on Thursday afternoon...of his 89th Birthday...(that is a lot of years which ever way you slice it)...and with him happy and finally celebrating with the was then off to the coast to an evening of Rock, noise and beer in Johnny Russells' bar in Southsea...where we discovered the multiple delights of a beer I'm sure Hooky would LOVE...made by the Fallen Angel MicroBrewery called Naughty Nun Witbier

And worse still I risk starting a fight by taking a Hooky Style Picture in the toilet... demonstrating that pubs will amusingly not tolerate impatience or monkey business of any sort going on in the be warned Bowie and Suzanne.

With the two vans reloaded up with amps and Instruments

it was back up the freeway to Oxford, to see in the dawn in the High Street and the carnival of May Day Celebrations, with Morris Women outshining the Men in the Corn Market sunshine.

All the bars and cafe's open early in the city and revel in the crowds and Oxford was bursting to pop. So with a Full English Breakfast under my belt it was off into the Friday holiday traffic and head north to party with some friends from the Past...a couple who were the mainstay of a band I worked with many moons ago...called Canola, who eventually married and settled in Nottingham.

They have remained close over the years...and they hold a special place in my heart as they were the first of many opportunities I got to enter the Holy Grail of Abbey Road and the Beatles Studio, when we produced Canola's first single there in the late nineties.

It was a proud moment when I stood on the steps of such a historical, but still vibrant, building that produces music that still shakes the world.

This trip it was the Sunshine of a music festival and renewed meetings and hugs and more beer proving that friends don't always have to be together over the years to remain special... plus of course a fancy dress cider party that went on through the night.

So as the Sunday Morning recuperation goes on back in Oxford...and we regroup to start all over again tonight and into the "Day off Work " of May the 4th...Lets sit in the sunshine and remember another of the KMSA Creeds...'There are no Endings only fresh new Beginnings'

Sir Dayvd (the fallen angel) of Oxfordshire


  1. Excellent journey through the Isle my friend! It appears the triumphant Founding Fathers have been ushering in May (also my favorite month, and my birthday month) in outstanding KMSA fashion. Watch out world...we have you surrounded!

    I have to have me some Naughty Nun when in country in July! You know that Nun is the Priest's favorite meat on Friday's!

    Also, Sir Bowie has made it quiet clear that we have to visit Abbey Road, so we'll probably rip off your pose on the steps...thank you very much!

    Happy birthday to pops...anniversaries to you...and thank you for bringing the English flare to us mere Colonial mortals!

    Lovely picture at the is great to have friends like that! True friendship is timeless and has no boundaries.

    And of course, life wouldn't be complete in England in May without a man wearing a bra!

    Sir Hook the Fallen Angel of Warrick

  2. I liked the label on the bottle of "Naughty Nun". If I were there she could become a "Habit".

    Sir Richard of Windsor

  3. Ah, that's a good on Sir Richard! Good to hear from you again!

    Indeed...Naughty Nuns and Nasty Habits are "hard" to break!

    P.S. to Sir D. Glad you finally have the courage to explore "Hooky Style" bathroom photography! I plan on documenting everyone I'm in in July!

    Sir Hook the Dangerous of Warrick

  4. A bra made of Scallop shells no less !!.