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Thursday, May 14, 2009

May I Walk?

As I was walking with a neighbor through my neighborhood and hers, we were talking about the huge old trees in the yards. These trees are much older than we are, and have seen many seasons come and go.
As she is already into her 50s and farther along life's journey, she was sharing some advice with me.
And my advice to share with my newest walking friend? When life is feeling heavy, put on some good walking shoes, call a friend and head on out!
Nothing ever seems as bad when you're outside and breathing fresh air.
Some evening walks are shared with the big owl!
And some days, like today, are more of a celebration of being fit and able to walk and talk and enjoy the beauty of this Earth!
And so I walk on...

Lady Suzanne,
who has come home to drink a gallon of water


  1. Totally agree Lady Suzanne...all my best thinking is done when i go out walking, or on my bike. I'm sure there is some primeval, techincal word for it all, but it is true. The Rhythm, the Motion etc.

    It's why you have to keep your moleskine about your person, to capture those ideas, when they pop in your head

    Sitting still thinking, or staring at the computer screen, often turns my head to glue..:))

    If your boat doesn't come in, then swim out to it. :)

    Sir Dayvd ( who hopes that wedding of yours is coming along nicely and that you get great weather ) of Oxfordshire

  2. Lady Suzanne,

    That was just what I needed to read today, thank you. Life is indeed feeling a little heavy, and I was sort of feeling like lying on the couch with the covers over my head. You've convinced me to try a walk first...

    Lady Tammy, who will feel better after a nap. I mean walk.

  3. happy feet craziness...Lady Amy and I went to change the wedding cake order (now that most polite people have sent R.S.V.P.) plans are coming along nicely...into the last week here before we gain a son-in-law

    decided to stop by Sir Bowie's office and talk him into taking a walk along the Ohio riverfront and dinner at the casino

    took the long walk around, stopped to find a geocache, and now home again to drink more water!

    Lady Suzanne
    who's waiting impatiently for Grey's Anatomy season finale to begin

  4. Good advice! After a long days drive to Columbus, OH...meetings...dealing with client problems...and feeling exhausted T 8pm EDT...I took a walk! Now...I'm my fun self again enjoying drinks at the Pub in Polaris!

    Sir Hook Who Walks the Talk of Warrick