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Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun Splash Party into May!

While Sir Dayvd was enjoying his Bank Holiday, the House of Greenbriar was drowning in Mint Juleps, the House of Warrick and a few other fellow Knights and Ladies of the Realm took downtown Evansville by storm during Sun Splash Party...a Tropical Island Feast.

Held at Madeleine' of Evansville's finest restaurants located in a restored historic home, the Sun Splash Party was also a fund raiser for the new Ronald McDonald House to be located on St. Mary's campus. So, I didn't feel as guilty about having the resulting two-day hang over from too much food, drink, and merriment...after all it's a good cause...and you only live once! Well, at least on this planet! (I know, a subject of much debate on our blog)

All the food had a Caribbean flare, starting with Conch Fritters, one of my favorites! I was first introduced to Conch Fritters and their mystical sexual powers during my first visit to Jamaica. As the Jamaican woman was admiring my red beads in my hair, which she said made me a "dangerous lover"...she also told me about Conch Fritters. "Ya man, eat Conch Fritters...they put lead in your pencil!" Say no more! The next day is when I met Lady Allwinky in an elevator...who was destined to become my "pencil sharpener for life"!

Here is the House of Warrick enjoying the side effects of Conch Fritters at the event!

Our guests for the evening where Sir Richard the Lionheart of Beaver Creek and his significant other, Lady Traci of Pong. As you can was the beginning of a perfect evening!

Coming out of the closet, not because of sexual orientation, but because of his admission of secretly following our blog without notification, is the newest Knight of the Realm...Sir William of Wonka. Welcome!

After a glutenous feast of jerk pork & chicken, Conch Fritters, Hearts of Palm salad, Plantains, and marinated lamb...we took our party outside to the garden porch for torchlit fun under the midnight sun! Above is the newest Lady of the Realm, who took great care of us all night...Lady Rock of New Harmony. Welcome!

Lady Allwinky toasts the Realm

Lady Traci of Pong becomes one with the evening!

As mentioned earlier, Lady Allwinky and this errant Knight met in Jamaica 25 years ago. We have returned many times, helping to build homes for a great people and enjoying the culture that only Jamaica can share. Here we are on a return trip with the product of Conch Fritters and a Jamaican Moon...Sir Ryan and Lady Maegan of Warrick.

The House of Warrick enjoying a natural bath at Dunn's River Falls outside of Ocho Rios...the Sacred Birthing Grounds of the House of Warrick.

So, remember...always find a reason to celebrate living, eat Conch Fritters and in the words of John Lennon..."Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted!"

Sir Hook the Conch King of Warrick


  1. ..ah Jamaica always reminds me of Jokes...

    Pokemon = Jamaican Proctologist does Bob Marley like his
    doughnuts.... Wi Jammin.

    arf arf....

    D of O

  2. ah conch fritters - a chewy little bit of heaven

    as former visitors of a Ronald McDonald house - thank you for supporting a very worthwhile cause!

    planning on celebrating living tonight with Lady Allwinky!

    Lady Suzanne

  3. Ah---conch. Conch fritters, conch chowder, conch escobeche, conch seafood cocktail, I couldn't get enough on several business trips to the Bahamas. Haven't experienced the pleasures of Jamaica as yet, but I can close my eyes and almost taste it. Crispy conch fritters preceeded by Conch bisque, washed down by cold Red Stripe. No danger of this knight "Conching" out!!!

    Sir Richard of Windsor