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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ambassadors of the 4th

Having been newly appointed by the Prez (Or, was that being asked to leave?)...Sir Hook and his Traveling Medicine Show (this time including the Houses of Warrick & Greenbriar) will celebrate the 4th of July American Style and then board a plane the next day to become Ambassadors of the 4th in Merry Ole' England.

Yeah Baby!!!!! Is London ready for a Hooky Style Prime Time Playa?!

Or perhaps a quick peek under me kilt with Fat Bastard in the loo?!

Or, perhaps we'll just be more stoic as the Founding Fathers and their Ladies of the Knights of the Knights of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale.

I think not! You can take the Ugly Americans out America, but you can't take them out of England until the 22nd!

Happy 4th of July

Sir Hook the Master of Ceremonies of Warrick


  1. Off to make arses of ourselves while on holiday.

    Sir Bowie "who has to remember to not call his waist pack a "fanny" pack" of Greenbriar

  2. why can't we go back to Mexico??

    and why is this our only trip to England??


    Sir D doesn't know what he's gotten himself into...

    and why can't we pack more lightly!

  3. err i think the first two questions are to Bowie aren't they Suz.?.

    Sir D has a pretty good Idea whats coming over the water...

    Don't forget I've had over twenty years managing and producing singers and indie rock sometimes on tour.... so
    there isn't anything except dead bodies that i haven't had to clear up in my time.. ( oh wait a minute..oh yeah ahem.. we don't mention that ).... bands are like herding cats... so i've taken the precaution of changing your transportation to a U-Haul Van with you lot in the back and me up front...

    .....and at selected ancient ruins around Oxfordshire, i'll flip the latch and bang on the partition wall and you can let yourselfs out for a wander and a pee break.

    any playing up. and i find yet another ruin castle to take you too until you quieten down..

    See I'm starting to enjoy your coming already :)) won't need half the stuff you are bringing...go thru it again.

    Sir D

  4. That UHaul sounds like a scene that got cut from Woody Allen's "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Where Afraid to Ask".

    We're not a bunch of rabid Boy least not yet! LOL!

    Me thinks you're enjoying living in the future during the now too much!

    Sir Hook Who's Begging for A Pee Break of Warrick

  5. questions were for the officials...
    Bowie loves to travel anywhere, anytime...

    and I've "unpacked" a few more things from my suitcase...trying to believe that less is more

    see you very soon!!!!!!!!!!

    Lady S (s stands for suitcase today)