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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home again, home again!

We are back home again in Indiana...for those who requested a quick email to let them know... now you know!

Lady Suzanne,
who is asleep on her to bed


  1. Good to hear you made it all the way home Safe.. You're the USA's responsibility again now.:))

    You did well, considering all that History and Old stuff we threw at you.:)) Now you are gone we can put all those Old Buildings and pubs back in the cupboard and pull out all the skyscrapers and shiny square glass buildings we've been hiding from you.

    Have fun with tha gals on friday.

    Sir Dayvd

  2. Woke up this morning
    Back in the U.S. of A.
    Coffee and Red Ox

    - - -

    A bullaburra good morning to you.

    I'm missing the Marmite and blood pudding already.

    Dayvd. Thanks again for the tremendous hospitality. Your Moon Over Oxford will be a treasure -- along with all the memories.

    FYI -- the antique shop in Ampthill has a site:
    6 Bedford Street.

    Sir Bowie "I can't have any more McDonalds until I eat all of my blood pudding" of Greenbriar

  3. Excellent Sir Bowie.. Good to hear you up and about on your Indiana Morning... from my UK mid afternoon.

    You sound like a man who has ticked off a great many boxes on his bucket list, and added several new Dimensions to his life in doing so.

    I look forward to reliving it all through the photos and blogs

    ....and may I say that to all the other curious knights and ladies who happen in on our blog, that Sir Bowie is every inch the tall, dapper, gentlemanly, midwestern knight he appears in all his Blogs and Hooky is as "first though the door without looking" as he appears in all his blogs.

    As for the Ladiezzz, ohh I'm too much a Gentleman myself to say....other than to add; we had shaken off their husbands by the second Subway Station in London on the very First Night LOL
    ( boys your faces were a picture )

    Sir Dayvd ( who is still reliving all those happy days out, when he should be living in the Now ) of Oxfordshire.

  4. we were dancing to the Red Ox this morning...Sir B won't dance in the pubs, but will at home...he's shy that way

    and he's always been my favorite knight

    though you 2 are pretty wonderful too

    all in your own ways, you're right about that!

    Lady S

  5. Bowie have just checked out that Bedford Web site....and i think it looks rather splendid. I will be making a trip there soon to check it out, as i am after soem items for my newly decorated bedroom, and i have a feeling they will have just the things i am after.

    thanks for that.