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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Off With His Head

"Off with his head!" A quick hello from the Houses of Greenbriar & Warrick from the Tower of London...where many heads have been sent a rollin"...rollin'...rollin' down the Thames River!


Sir Hook of Warrick


  1. hence the saying.."getting it in the neck" usually from the wife when she starts giving you The Look.

    of O.

  2. Want to hear the craziest thing? On my way to work this morning, I started thinking about "Bowie" this guy I worked with years ago. I get to work, sit down at my comp and get a call from a vendor who swears he sent a proposal on Monday. I check my Junk Mail and behold - there is his email. There was also a Google Alerts about David Kuhn - Sir Bowie of Greenbriar. Hmmm... psychic I am! Perhaps Sir Bowie will read this and shoot me an email at
    -Ashley (Albin) Sollars

  3. Unrelated:

    I wanted to create a separate blog, but I don't know how, thus:

    I would like to have just part of this person's amazing talent. All done with just SAND. If the world ever falls into total chaos, it's good to know that art could survive and tell a story:

    Sir James OMFG of Taylor

  4. Greetings Sir Hook and Bowie....and the grand ladies traveling with you across The Isles!! Sounds like you are having a grand time....know us poor colonists over the pond here miss you and await to hoist a cold lager with you upon your return....

    Sir Richard Lionheart.....certainly still in the beaver....but no longer Beaver Creek....haha