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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tales Of The Trail

As Lady Julie and I begin to pile up the miles on our daily hikes my mind naturally wanders to thoughts of the Appalachian Trail which starts near our home, especially on Wednesdays as that's when we go to Amicalola Falls to hike (it's free that day). I realize that while I may never hike the entire trail and become one of the .19% of people who do, I can at least try to master the A.T. skill of "yogiing."

Simply put, when the A.T. runs through a park or recreational area, a thruhiker will go to the picnic areas as people are grilling out. He/she will stop nearby and start to adjust the pack, re-tie boots or anything that will bring attention. Invariably someone will ask, "Where are you headed?" The correct answer is always the same, "Maine." Then come many questions as they become fascinated by the quest you have undertaken. Eventually someone will ask if you want something to eat as they have plenty. The hiker will reluctantly accept and then proceed to eat as much as possible without arousing the ire of the host. The term originates as homage to that master of picnic basket raiders, Yogi Bear.

This weekend we are driving up to Hiawassee, GA where there is a popular recreation area and A.T. shelter on Blood Mountain. Maybe I will just observe to see if any yogiing is going on, or just maybe I will dig out my old Boy Scout pack, try to look as scroungy as possible and see what happens.

Sir Lance "going out on the trail to practice my yogi" of Brentwood


  1. if no one takes pity on you and feeds you Yogis - remember the other food source - "to the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump!"

    from your little sister
    the other Barnard
    (which actually could mean bear)

  2. oooooGoodie a new Knight Blogger.( i've long had a hope that one day there would be a weeks worth of different blogs queued up, leaving us knights out here with our warped opinions, a chance to live a few more eccentric tales to tell.)

    And a fine and dandy blog it is too..... Like hundreds of other folk, since reading and laughing through Bill Brysons book about the AT and his encounters with bears, in 'A Walk in the Woods 'i've long had the urge to tackle a piece of the AT, maybe the bit that runs through PA.

    So if ever i do, i'll remember this amusing word for word tale of Yogiing ... in fact i might give it a shot when next door starts up his BBQ on Sunday.

    Yes Lady Suz you are indeed a tough ol' bear.
    Barnard is a derivation of Bernard
    ...and Bernard is from the Germanic personal name Bernhard, composed of the elements ber(n) ‘bear’ + hard ‘brave’, ‘hardy’, ‘strong’. In the 13th and 14th centuries it vied with Arnold as the most popular personal name in the Netherlands and northern Germany. It was borne by St. Bernard of Menthon (923–1008), founder of Alpine hospices and patron saint of mountaineers, whose cult accounts for the frequency of the name in Alpine regions, so i must remember not to cross you in a barguement.

    Sir dayvd ( the grizzly adams ) of Oxfordshire

  3. I thought a Yogi was a wise man from India, not a glutton...banjo pickin'...squeal like a pig trail blazer!

    Oh well, I learn something new everyday.

    Sir Hook the Yogi of Warrick

  4. Funny enuff i have just heard an urban version of that on the Radio....where a couple go to a fancy restaurant.... and then during the evening the guy will stand up and hush the room and say he wants to ask his gal something....and proceed to ask her to Marry him....and when she says yes.... cue spontaneous applause in the room...and more often than not Free Champagne and deserts from the management...

    must give that a try...

    of Oh

  5. what...proposing marriage...or getting free champagne and desserts?

    (you do realize you'd be paying for that champagne and dessert for the rest of your life?
    unless you are a great actor with a willing actress)

    Lady S,
    who likes the new term bargument!

  6. yeah i didnt write that very well......Like your brother in the Boonies... they don't do it for real...they act it to get free food..

    heavens i'd need more than free food and champagne.

    of oh too much work

  7. I thought you were going to say that Yogiing is quoting the great Yogi Berra.

    He would say that nobody ever goes to those parks anymore cause they're too crowded.

    90% of hiking the AT is mental, the other half is physical.

    If you come to the fork in the trail, take it.

    Overall, Sir Lance, I'd say that this blog certainly did a lot more than exceed my expectations.

    Sir Bowie "bro-in-law and Hoosier hick" of Greenbriar

  8. the miles we hiked sure seemed physical to me - more like 50/50!

    but beautiful Georgia mountains

    gotta get back on it...

    Lady S
    who needs to get ready for work now and quit playing