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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time Travel: Past-Present-Future

Yesterday we had a spirited discussion about if you can live in the past, present and future all at the same time. I not only believe you can...but you should. I know this violates Yoda's first rule of being a Jedi Knight; however, I was never one to take much advice from a puppet!

No, standing defiant, like a rusty old wind mill and Don Quixote...I ride the cosmic wave of past, present, future with the skill of an ancient Hawaiian surfer!

I've found three rules in life to be more brutally true than just living in the present. They are very kissing cousins...but each has its on subtle way:

Rule #1-The more things change...the more they stay the same.

Rule #2, which makes Rule #1 a Milestone of time-The past often repeats itself.

And, Rule #3, the Holy Trifecta...If you don't learn from the mistakes and progress of the past...history continues to repeat itself...keeping you stuck in the great quagmire that society calls the present. That for me is indeed hell on earth!

Driving to Chicago on Indiana State Hwy. 63, you come upon miles of farmland, turned into the Saudi Arabia of the American future...a windmill farm. And standing in the middle of over 300 gigantic white...3 the proud papa...a rusty old windmill.

Money...greed...war...complacincy...all toxic by-products of Rule #1, have driven us to seek "Alternative Energy Sources" the "modern" harnessing of the wind's energy. On the windswept corn and soybean fields of Illinois and Indiana the past...present...and future meet once again.

Farmers lease their land to government and energy companies to harvest an old-new crop...the wind! Their reward is planting more crops, buying Harley Davidson motorcycles and pocketing large sums of cash.

Hell...if my grandfather hadn't sold his farm...I might be an "Energy Baron" right now!

One thing is for sure...if the government, energy companies, farmers and consumers don't embrace Rule #3...then the hell of Rule #1 will raise its ugly head once again and have Arabs fighting to liberate the Americans from themselves in the cornfields of the "Bible-Energy Belt" in 2075! Of course, Farmer Ben Lauden will lead the resistance.

Arriving in Chicago, I was once again reminded of the past, present and future living together in harmony. Standing defiant, once the tallest building in Chicago as recently as 1856, the old Water Tower is the only building that survived the Great Chicago Fire that Sir Bowie wrote about many blogs ago.

Rising from the ashes...the Chicago of today surrounds our lonely survivor. The John Hancock building, one of the largest in the world, towers over the Water Tower just a few blocks away...reaching towards a brighter future...while in the present...the past stands guard as a reminder of what could happen again.

Sir Hook " A Traveler in Time" Who Will Succumb to Rule #2 Long Before 2075 of Warrick


  1. If I continue to do what I've done in the past, and it's not enough, then change, change, change!

    Lady S,
    who is reviewing the past, looking forward to the future and enjoying the moments of today

  2. What??? keep taking the pills H. but cut the doseage by at least half..!!! LOL..

    Sure...evidence of the Past ( as you will soon see in Oxford) is all around us, but they are just objects built in the 'then Now'

    We also have to daily bear the brunt of yesterdays mistakes...

    But as Time ( and who knows how long the NOw is? a Nanosecond or less? ) ,the quote was about The Now, and the fact that it is physically..impossible to live in the past or the future ( cue...Bowie to come online and start quoting the Matrix )

    Yes we can think about the Past and we can think about the future, ( and very pleasant and valuable and rounded it is too,) but you can't live in them.

    Hopes, like Memories, belong to the far-away.

    Sir dayvd ( who is looking forward to kicking some yank butt in a tavern soon....4 to 1...give it your best shot lol... ) of Oxfordshire

  3. Today is the fist blog of the rest of your blogs (or something like that).

    As Arthur Miller once said (or is he presently saying it for us to read in the future?):

    The word "now" is like a bomb thrown through the window, and it ticks.

    Personally, I really don't know what that means, but...

    I read it. (is that "read" as in past, "read" as in present, or "read" and in will read?

    Sir Bowie "tying to enjoy the gift -- the present" of Greenbriar

  4. Today is the fist blog of the rest of your blogs (or something like that).

    As Arthur Miller once said (or is he presently saying it for us to read in the future?):

    The word "now" is like a bomb thrown through the window, and it ticks.

    Personally, I really don't know what that means, but...

    I read it. (is that "read" as in past, "read" as in present, or "read" and in will read?

    Sir Bowie "tying to enjoy the gift -- the present" of Greenbriar

  5. Heh that one took three ...bowster

    mmmm Ticking Bombs... I have a pocketful, primed to go off...

    So if i'm trying to understand Wacko Hooko's la-la 'neverland' line of thinking...this means we can also Live in a Dream.

    Sir dayvd ( who rests his Case ) of Oxfordshire

  6. Wacko Hooko reporting in the present, thinking of the past by reading the comments and thinking about the future as my fingers do the walking on the keyboard, which is now the present...oh sit! Now it's the past. Oh well!

    I guess you just have to be brave enough to surf with me! LOL!

    I know plenty of people living in the past, very few who can live in the present and a large majority who live in the future always. Regardless, hope is always present in all it springs eternal.

    Whatever you think you are...that includes the past, present, future, and yes...even dreams. Or....thought is always in the now...but can equally be about the past or future at the same time!

    Cosmic Wacko Signing Off

    Sir Hook Who is Ready For the Tavern Challenges of Warrick

  7. i'm definitely not letting you drive, with me in the car.
    ( is that stop sign real? la la la )

    of O

  8. Got so caught up in the moment, thinking of what I was going to say in the future, that i for got to comment on how much in enjoy(ed) the photos.

    I was thinking, am thinking, and will think... what if someone invented Chameleon-like paint that changes colors to match the background. You could have a million windmills and no one would even know they were there -- until you hit one.

    Sir Dayvd, you're some kind of science genius -- help me out here.
    You invent it, Hook can market it,
    I'll cash the checks!

    Sir Bowie "who had very wild dreams after a night at Old Chicago -- or maybe I'm still having one" or Greenbriar

  9. you mean like the wind farm that got hit by a UFO the other day..

    now there is a mystery... quite possibly Wacko out on a night drive

    Sir D ( who is just checking his life insurance papers ) of O

  10. The secret is out! I'm actually a time traveling alien with a fondness for windmills! LOL!

    The stop sign is only real if you make it so. I've ran through plenty in my day....and while you're checking the insurance policy, go ahead and make me the beneficiary! I promise to spend your pounds only for good British Beer! LOL!

    Sir Hook the Alien of Warrick

  11. Like a Pit Bull...I just can't let go! LOL!

    An example of living in the past, present and future at the same time is traveling. You're always moving forward towards the future while looking at the past in your rear view mirror in the present.

    Sir Hook the Time Keeper of Warrick

  12. Nah... we are talking about the unseen river of time here. "Its the Now that is Eternal" we are living in Consequtive Now's, and all the artist David Hockney was saying in the lecture was to paint The Now.

    Whatever it appears to people afterwards is their own conception, whether it reminds them of the past or a vision of the future it matters not. Indeed a painting instantly becomes an object of the past, the Then Now.

    All your doing is decribing the visions and objects from the past and of course you can't see the future ( one of God's greatest gifts to stop us going "if i knew where i was going to die I wouldn't go there " )


  13. Now you're bringing out the explorer in me...the Unseen River of Time sounds like a great place for my next vacation!

    I don't fully understand the concept of eternity...but I do know those who have seen the future...those who are stuck in the past...and those who don't know what the hell they're doing in the now!

    We are like a capacitor on an the electrical circuit board of time...we limit what is limitless!

    Sir Hook Who's Wearing Shades Because the Future's So Bright of Warrick

  14. Note to Explorer Hooky... You are already up to your neck in the Unseen River of Time... Start swimming.

    Sir dayvd ( who can't see his future, but is guessing that if he could he would have to go buy welders goggles )