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Monday, July 13, 2009

To do or not to do, that is the question

It's been said for centuries (wild guess), "It is impossible for a man to be doing what he ought to be doing unless he is doing what he ought to be doing." But doesn't that tell only half of the story? For is it not true that if a man is not doing what he ought not to be doing, then by not doing what he ought not to be doing he is either doing what he ought to be doing or doing nothing at all?

Sir Lance "striving to do or not do as much as possible" of Brentwood


  1. Right now I ought to be doing getting ready to meet your sister and brother-in-law for breakfast before we invade Warwick Castle; however. I'm doing what I ought not be doing, which is writing this comment to an excellent wake up call on this English morning!

    I often do what I ought not be doing and as a result end up doing what I ought to be doing whilst not doing what I ought to be doing. Regardless...I never do nothing at all!

    Sir Hook Who's Seeking the Secrets of Lord Shatacat of Warrick

  2. This is excellent Sir Lance, and fits neatly into the Living in the Past, Now and Future , debate that Hooky and I joust with on occasions..

    It also opens a heaving can of worms labelled "Pre-destiny, Fate and Freewill" which I'm sure we will all play with like kittens with ribbons over the next few weeks ( well, I will, while i am not "Having Kittens" over my work load.....fear not dear readers, i'm sure you will all hear Hooky's tale about this )

    For while I am sat here thinking, like Hooky, that I ought not to be doing this, it might of course be destiny spooling through my Now, and i was meant to be doing it all along.

    Pre-destiny maybe also forcing me to stop at this point and leave my seat and go do some work, as a giant block of frozen urine might, this very second, be falling towards my roof, from a US bound jet liner at 35,000 feet, and will shortly demolish my computer room.

    Sir Dayvd ( who is still trying to work the blog out and will no doubt be returning to this subject ) of Oxfordshire.

  3. I am doing exactly what I ought to be doing, enjoying my English holiday,
    and friends and eating, drinking, and making merry

    and watching Sir D having freakin kittens!

    keep those blogs coming while we play

    Lady Suzanne
    searching for perfect English ale

  4. Suz... you weren't in the front when Hooky nearly hit that car LOL.... I'd say he missed it by a cats whisker...

    Sir D ( meow....wanna buy a kitty? ) of the normally placid people till Hooky arrived.