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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Desperate Times for Desperate Beer Lovers

You might remember an earlier blog written by Sir Bowie of Greenbriar about 450 kegs being stolen directly from the Guinness Brewery in Dublin last December. Unfortunately, this audacious act happened on the exact day that Dublin Police had launched a new crime prevention program called Freeflow. Obviously the word worked, but not they way they had intended. In fact locals have taken to a new name for the program, "Coldflow". Well, they are proud to announce the following:

Irish cops bust beer thieves, but hunt isn't over

Detectives still looking for accomplices after audacious 450-keg robbery

DUBLIN, Ireland - Ireland’s national police force has arrested two men in connection with an audacious robbery last week on the landmark Guinness Brewery in Dublin — but said Thursday they were still looking others involved in the beer banditry.

The Garda Siochana police force declined to specify how many kegs have been recovered following the Nov. 29 raid, when a lone man drove a truck into the brewery, hitched up a trailer loaded with 450 kegs and drove straight out through the security gate into rush-hour traffic. Guinness called it the biggest robbery in the 24

8-year history of the brewery.

Police said they recovered an unspecified volume of the stolen beer Monday at an undisclosed location in County Meath, northwest of Dublin, and arrested two men Tuesday on suspicion of involvement with the theft.

But wait! Breaking News!

Thieves crash hijacked beer lorryLorry crash
Police are searching for two men who ran off after crashing a hijacked beer lorry in west London.

The lorry was stolen in Bridge Road, Southall, at 1150 GMT and the vehicle then jack-knifed minutes later on Merrick Road.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said the lorry driver got out of the cab when two men flagged down the lorry or crashed into it.

The suspected thieves then lost control of the vehicle at a roundabout.

'Held at gunpoint'

Jags Khokhan, assistant sales manager at a Honda garage near the crash site, said the lorry overturned.

He said: "A large lorry came towards the roundabout and as it started turning it lost control and toppled over. A guy jumped out of the lorry and ran down the road.

"The owner of the van came down [the road] and said the driver had been held up at gunpoint."

The police spokesperson said: "There are early reports of a gun being seen, but it is not clear at this point exactly what happened in Bridge Street."

The driver was said to be "very shocked" by the incident, but uninjured.

Police have appealed for witnesses to contact them.

So there you have it! Even though a good pint here in the US will cost me up to $5, I still prefer to drink my beer the old fashioned way! I Earn it! Well, at least I pay for it.

Sir Hook of Warrick

1 comment:

  1. Most stupid hangovers last a day.
    It will probably last years for these chaps (there are way to many prison jokes that deal with sucking down pints and blowing the head off your mug to mention on a family web site). We are sovereign rulers of our own liver, however, we must never forget that there are consequences for our actions. But, it does make for a great story.

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar