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Friday, February 29, 2008

Exit Polls

As St. Patty's Day is fast approaching I thought it appropriate to share what I consider one of the finest voting propaganda posters I've ever seen. It promotes the registration of St. Patrick's Day as a National Holiday. I came across, our should I say, I saw it in the bathroom at Faldo Irish Pub in Columbus, Ohio.

At least this exit poll is highly accurate, unless your aim is slightly off from too much Guinness! Perhaps our national leader's should consider exit polls in pub bathrooms to get a pulse on what the REAL AMERICAN thinks!

Remember, pull your lever, vote for number one or number two and give a hearty battle cry for the Green Party of St. Patrick's Day. This announcement has been approved by Sir Hook of Warrick.

This message does not really exist due to the date being 2/29, which doesn't happen every year. Certain restrictions apply. See you local bartender for details.

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